Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bob Shrum, Wrong as Usual...

After posting about Democratic consultant Bob Shrum and the bum advice he gave Sen. John Edwards to vote for the Iraq war resolution, Howling Latina vaguely remembered something about Edwards wanting to fight on after the '04 election--especially since there was ample evidence of fraud.

Democratic activists [have] cited the disparity between exit polls, which showed Kerry winning by about 3 percentage points nationwide and carrying key swing states, and the official count, which flipped the results giving Bush wins in most swing states and a national popular vote margin of about 3 percent.

Some defenders of the election results argue that the exit-poll discrepancies could be explained by Bush’s supporters just being less willing to answer questions from pollsters after leaving the voting booth. According to this argument, Bush voters disdained the “liberal media” which they saw represented by the exit-poll questioners.

That explanation, however, doesn’t explain why historically exit polls have been highly accurate or why the 2004 exit polls were on target when it came to the results for Senate candidates, while off the mark on the presidential race. Presumably, if conservatives were ducking the exit pollsters, there would be a similar percentage shift for statewide races.

Well, please don't try to argue with the truth...

There is the matter of citizens who saw their votes for Kerry magically switched to Bush on the touch-screens; and the huge lines due to lack of voting machines in Democratic precincts that magically appeared in Republican "strongholds."

So you see, Edwards didn't want to throw in the towel and concede, according to news report. But.....enter political lackey Shrum; he told Kerry that it was best to give up the ship as he threw the ticket overboard.
Shrum and other advisers insisted that a concession was the best course. “They say that if I don’t pull out, they (Kerry’s political opponents) are going to call us sore losers,” Miller said, recounting the substance of Kerry’s phone call to Edwards.
Who gives a ratt's butt, you a-hole?!? The media would have had very little room to pontificate about a damn thang, especially after their disgraceful performance leading up to the Iraq war.

With each passing day, it becomes more and more evident that the biggest problem in '04 was that Edwards should have been the person leading the Democratic ticket, instead of Kerry.

Stephanie Miller to Take Imus Spot on MSNBC for Three Days

Oh my....Stephanie Miller is taking over the time slot of "Imus in the Morning" for three days, starting this Monday.

PRNewswire via Bore America reports:

"THE STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW" will air in a three day national multicast on both MSNBC and it's JONES RADIONETWORK national lineup, it was announced today by Ron Hartenbaum, president of WYD Media Management, LLC, the executive producer of the program.

Starting on Monday, APRIL 30 through Wednesday, May 2, the program will be telecast live on MSNBC from 6AM - 9AM ET on MSNBC and will also air on its radio lineup in its usual 9AM - noon, ET slot.

For those who might not know, this is exactly how Keith Olbermann started his gig at "Countdown." And the rest, as they say in show business, is history.

Howling Latina is glad it's Stephanie--and not Ed Schultz. Now lefties, please be sure to tune in on Monday or next thing you know, we'll have Rush or some other right-wing gasbag to go with our coffee.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Incompetence from the White House

The Washington Post has a front-page article that tells the story of countries that pledged millions and millions of dollars to Hurricane Katrina victims but because of government incompetence, the money never reached our shores.

Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold for cash. But only $40 million has been used so far for disaster victims or reconstruction, according to U.S. officials and contractors. Most of the aid went uncollected, including $400 million worth of oil. Some offers were withdrawn or redirected to private groups such as the Red Cross. The rest has been delayed by red tape and bureaucratic limits on how it can be spent.

Administration officials acknowledged in February 2006 that they were ill prepared to coordinate and distribute foreign aid and that only about half the $126 million received had been put to use. Now, 20 months after Katrina, newly released documents and interviews make clear the magnitude of the troubles.

More than 10,000 pages of cables, telegraphs and e-mails from U.S. diplomats around the globe -- released piecemeal since last fall under the Freedom of Information Act -- provide a fuller account of problems that, at times, mystified generous allies and left U.S. representatives at a loss for an explanation. The documents were obtained by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a public interest group, which provided them to The Washington Post.

There you have it; more of Bush's leadership on display. Or perhaps something even more sinister. Like the fact the administration didn't want to give legs to the story of their incompetence by having foreign governments bail them out. And so hundreds died.

"There is a lack of accountability in where the money comes in and where it goes," said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the public interest group, which called for an investigation into the fate of foreign aid offers. She added: "It's clear that they're trying to hide their ineptitude, incompetence and malfeasance."
What is it about this president's dark appetite that death follows him everywhere. In hindsight, it looks like when he was innocently commanding the death chamber in Huntsville, it was simply the baneful run-up to the hundreds of thousands who would later die in Iraq,; and sandwiched in between like a midday snack, the poor saps in New Orleans also perished.

So What the Hell is Congress Going To Do About It...?

Howling Latina has been glued to her computer reading everything she can about Attorney-gate. And...she has finally concluded that there is only one thing to do: change the law.

Yes, she keeps reading about how a little amendment was added to the Patriot Act that allows the president to appoint interim U.S. attorneys that are party loyalist and "gum" the issue to death...or at least until '09. But why hasn't Congress already passed a law to void this...?

Although U.S. attorneys may serve at the pleasure of the president, a law should be passed that states you cannot fire a U.S. attorney while he or she is in the middle of a sensitive investigation of a public official unless it's for cause or their terms are expiring. And an interim appointment can only be for a limited period of time, like 60 days.

Unless Democrats act, chances are that after all is said and done, Rove, Cheney, Bush and Gonzales will walk out of the White House hand-in-hand as the president waves to the crowd and sticks his middle finger to America and the press.

It's real elementary, folks. Congress needs to do something besides have little hearings where administration officials suddenly get amnesia and can't recall crap. How about doing a little legislating and changing the law?!?

NOW--rather than later.

Putin Threatens United States

Bushies are not the only folks flushed with oil $$$$ and war profiteering.

With the United States stuck in the Middle East fighting a war that's drained nearly every penny out of its treasury while the military and oil elites cash in, Russian President Vladimir Putin suddently feels a little emboldened and is making a few headlines.

CNN reports that Putin has publicly told our hapless president to take his martial foreign policy and stick it where the sun don't shine.
Russian President Vladimir Putin called Thursday for imposing a moratorium on Moscow's participation in a key Soviet-era arms control treaty.
Putin "denounced what he said was foreign interference in Russia's internal affairs. " You see, he ain't too happy with the "U.S. plan plan to place ballistic missile defences in the Czech Republic and Poland." For some strange reason, Putin seems to view this idea in the same context as Kennedy when he learned the Soviet Union was placing a few nuclear warheads in Cuba in the 60s.

Of course, Bush's X-ray view to Putin's soul notwithstanding, there ain't a whole lot the U.S. can do except capitulate or start the cold war engines back up.

Putin has made clear that he will walk away from prior treaties that restricted the "deployment of heavy non-nuclear weapons" in Europe if the U.S. doesn't yell "uncle."

All that work in the last half of the 20th century down the tube because of this incompetent, inbred administration.

Joint Resolution to Authorize U.S. Force Against Iraq

On Oct. 11, 2002, the 2nd session of the 107th Congress passed H.J. Res. 114 in the Senate by a vote of 77-23.

Majority Whip Dick Durbin recently stated that senators in the Intelligence Committee knew the administration was ginning up the war argument with misleading statements (i.e. lies) to the public about weapons of mass destruction.

Durbin claims that every senator knew the aluminum tube and mushroom cloud scenario was just a bunch of hype that was directly contradicted by the intelligence but gasp, there wasn't anything they could do but vote against the measure; they weren't allowed to say ANYTHING to the public.

“I was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and I would read the headlines in the paper in the morning and I'd watch the television newscast and I'd shake my head. …[T]he information we had in the Intelligence Committee was not the same information being given to the American people. I couldn't believe it.” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Floor Speech, 04/25/07)

“You see, in the Intelligence Committee, we're sworn to secrecy. We can't walk outside the door and say, ‘The statement made yesterday by the White House is in direct contradiction to classified information that's being given to this Congress.’” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Floor Speech, 04/25/07)

“And so in my frustration, I sat here on the floor of the Senate and listened to this heated debate about invading Iraq thinking the American people are being misled. They are not being told the truth.” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Floor Speech, 04/25/07)

Oh really?!?

They couldn't get on national television on one of the Sunday gabfest and tell the Americans that talking points out of the administration didn't match reality without going into the know, to warn the world against a pack of lies that would cost so much devastation throughout the world?!?

Be that as it may, let's review the vote tally on that fateful fall day.

Sens. Bob Graham of Florida, John D. Rockfeller IV of West Virginia, Evan Bayh of Indiana, Richard Durbin of Illinois, John Edwards of North Carolina, Dianne Feinstein of California, Carl Levin of Michigan and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland were members of the committe; and they all voted against the resolution, right...?

Well....Chairman John D. Rockefeller?!? Nope...he voted for the resolution.

One time Democratic presidential hopeful, Evan Bayh?!? Nope...he voted for the resolution.

Top tier, '08 Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards?!? Nope....he voted for the resolution.

Senate matriarch Diane Feinstein?!? Nope....she voted for the resolution.

The only committee members who voted against it were Vice Chair Bob Graham of Florida, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Carl Levin of Michigan and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland.

Other brave Democratic souls who had the foresight to vote against the resolution were Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, Barbara Boxer of California, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Jon Corzine of New Jersey, Mark Dayton of Minnesota, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Bob Graham of Florida, Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, James Jefforts of Vermont, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Patty Murray of Washington, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Paul Sarbanes of Maryland, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan , Paul Wellston of Minnesota and Ron Wyden of Oregon.

Twenty-three courageous legislators--with a special howling tribute to Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island who had the misfortune of aligning himself with a political party that no longer reflected his moral compass; and Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad from the crimson red state of North Dakota.

Now here's a list of the Republican committee members who voted for the war: Former Chair and Bush lapdog Pat Roberts of Kansas, Chris Bond of Missouri, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Orrin Hatch of Utah, Trent Lott of Mississippi, Olympia Snowe of Maine and John Warner of Virginia.

Howling Latina can now perfectly understand why Edwards' core instinct was telling him not to vote for war. He should've never listened to that windbag Bob Shrum who has cost every presidential candidate to lose by whispering sweet little C/W in their ears that always turned out to be off the mark.
"I was wrong to vote for this war. Unfortunately, I'll have to live with that forever. And the lesson I learned from it is to put more faith in my own judgment."
It also makes perfect sense that a Republican with a conscience now regrets his disastrous vote (i.e. Chuck Hagel). Notice John Warner, Virginia's senior senator is not included.

Oh, oh, look who is in the picture!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Post-Debate Poll

According to SurveyUSA/KCTV5 News poll, 31 percent of the audience in South Carolina thought Obama won. Twenty-four percent thought Hillary won; and 14 percent thought Edwards won.
Obama did three times better than Clinton and twice as well as Edwards among South Carolina's Independents. Obama and Clinton tied among Democrats. Edwards and Obama tied among Republicans. Clinton won among white viewers. 60% of debate viewers were white. 36% of debate viewers were black.
The poll numbers reveal that 27 percent of Whites, 21 percent of Blacks, 19 percent of males and 31 percent of females thought Hillary won. Seventeen percent of Whites, 56 percent of Blacks, 35 percent of males and 26 percent of females thought Obama won. Twenty-one percent of Whites, 4 percent of Blacks, 13 percent of males and 15 percent of females thought Edwards won.

Edwards Outing Confirmed & Hillary Getting Pelosied

Nearly a year ago, Howling Latina went on a rampage with progressive bloggers, usually men, who insisted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be the ruin of Democrats in November.

After watching the Democratic debate and trolling through the Virginia blogosphere, it's deja vous all over again. Bloggers, all men, are trashing Hillary because goodness knows, gasp, she rocked the place tonight.

Now, Howling Latina is no fan of Hillary, but she's gotta give credit where credit is due. She was fresh faced, presidential and ready for the long haul. No hesitation; no missteps.

Obama, on the other hand, looked nervous and twitchy.
Edwards looked tired, as if his wife's cancer had spread to him.

Dodd looked old.

Richardson had diarrhea of the mouth and kept going over his time limit.

Kucinich and Gravel came across as extremists--even if they were both right about the war and Dems obeisance at the Golden Gate of the military complex.

Surprisingly, Biden sounded good and looked very GQ.

One note of interest was Edwards response when asked what his recent biggest mistake was. In referring to his vote authorizing Bush to invade Iraq, Edwards tellingly said that he wished he'd listened to his instinct.

Well, that just about confirms the earlier outing by Bob Shrum in his memoir as reported by the Associated Press via MSNBC last month.

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was skeptical about voting for the Iraq war resolution and was pushed into it by advisers looking out for his political future, according to an upcoming book by one of his former consultants.

Democratic strategist Bob Shrum writes in his memoir to be published in June that he regrets advising Edwards to give President Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq. He said if Edwards had followed his instincts instead of the advice of political professionals, he would have been a stronger presidential candidate in 2004.

Finally, folks who vote in a self-directed poll may have liked Obama or Edwards; but from HL's perspective, Hillary won the debate fair and square. Moreover, if someone is to go up against McCain or Thompson or whoever, Dems better have the most polished candidate who has their game on.

No doubt about it. Hillary has learned well from the master, her hubby.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Huckabee's Son Arrested

The son of Rev. David Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate was arrested for carrying a gun on a flight.

Reuters via Raw Story has the latest:

David Huckabee, a son of former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, was arrested on Thursday after trying to board an airliner with a loaded pistol, police said.

Huckabee, 26, was jailed after an X-ray of his carry-on bag revealed the weapon, identified in a police report as a Glock .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol containing eight live rounds of ammunition.

That's right, my dear Virginia blog wingnuts! What sayeth thou now?!? Any added snark you wish to parlay about Sen. Jim Webb's aide?!?

Once again, the law of karma is right on time.

Dowd. Russert & Matthews - Busted

Ever since the Edwards haircut flap, fueled all the more by Queen Maureen of the New York Times, Howling Latina has been trying to figure out what was so terribly and horribly unjust about the characterization of Edwards as a fraud.

Happily, Digby of Hullabaloo has nailed it.

It's the media ethos of the Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and Maureen Dowd archetypes that totally drive HL bonkers. And their insistence that they're regular guys who just happen to know what we should think, feel and like. And how their punditry is as pure as their media driven snow. Whoever they decide is a phony outsider not worthy of their snooty milieux deserves our unadulterated wrath forever more.
Russert's insistence that he is just a "blue collar guy" is reminiscent of many other of these millionaire news celebrities who like to play the part of some sort of middle American everyman (or everywoman)for their audience. Maureen Dowd is one of the worst, as well as the unctuous Cokie Roberts and the 1950's sit-com Dad wannabe, Chris Matthews. In fact, it is an extremely common trait among the DC courtiers. They truly seem to believe they are just regular guys --- and therefore, their concerns are the same as regular Americans. Only, you know, they aren't.
Which brings to full circle the "the recent absurdity of Maureen Dowd condemning Edwards for his expensive haircut because her cop-Dad used to get his cut by a barber --- as if the rich celebrity Dowd is just a working class gal herself."
It's certainly not a problem for rich people to advocate for the poor or the middle class as Edwards, Kennedy, Roosevelt and millions of other wealthy progressives have done in our history. But trying to pretend that you are poor or middle class yourself ("just a blue collar guy from Buffalo") from the podia of your own TV shows (or your fabulous summer home in Nantucket)is just plain insulting.
Amen, Brother Digby. The same point HL lamely tried to make earlier this week.

Who the hell says you have to be poor to feel the pain of their plight? AND...who the hell named media elites judge, juror and executioner of thought?!?

Update: Matthews was just slammed by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a Carter/ Tip O'Neill liberal Democrat. Poor Chris...all that sucking up to GOPers for naught.

Imus On His Way to Rehab at Fox

The entire time bloggers and media were going ballistic over Don Imus' use of the words "nappy hos," Howling Latina was privately musing about how long it would take Roger Ailes to nab a few of the show's crew members, if not the "I-man' himself, and bring them home to FOX.

Well...exactly two weeks.

Two weeks after Imus got the boot at MSNBC, the foul mouthed producer of "Imus in the Morning, " Bernard McGuirk, will be a guest of Hannity and Colmes. And you can bet your sweet Nielsen ratings that if the Neanderthal audience at Fox takes a liking to McGuirk, he'll be a very special guest many times more.

Next up, if all goes well, the I-man, for sure.

Feeney Rigged Votes to Win

In a BRAD BLOG exclusive, the man who ran against corrupt Congressman Tom Feeney of Florida says that he has proof positive that Feeney rigged the machines to win last November.

Clint Curtis says that he has diligently canvassed his district and now has "hard evidence" showing that "12-24 more votes than stated in official results" disappeared.

In an [earlier] interview...Curtis spoke about "hard evidence" gathered by his campaign showing that his votes were under-recorded --- and/or Feeney's over-recorded --- on the paperless touch-screen voting systems used in the race. Their evidence has been gathered via a precinct-by-precinct, door-to-door canvass being carried out by the campaign volunteers.

"We have now found absolutely…more votes for Democrats than the official results show," Curtis told us earlier this year. "Absolutely more votes. No trends, no guesses. More votes. That should never happen."

The campaign's news release claims that "In every precinct studied, the data shows that Curtis received 12-24% more votes than stated in the official result."

Let us not forget that Curtis is the very same whistleblower who filed a sworn affidavit after the '00 election debacle on how Feeney had once asked him to rig voting machines in Florida.

Clint Curtis, 46, claims that he built the software for Feeney in 2000 while working at a software design and engineering company in Oviedo, Florida (Feeney's home district).
Fortunately, the Democrats will not have to meet in a basement this time around. The Associated Press via Star-Banner reports that the House took the "first steps" last week to investigate the "disputed election in Florida's 13th Congressional District."

Equal to the Miami mayoral race of 1998 that was overturned due to fraud, this Congressional race must not stand. Howling Latina is with Christine Jennings on this one; there must be a new Congressional election in the 13th District.

But wait...that's not all. Curtis insists that Dems should closely scrutinize ALL Republican wins by a narrow margin --and not just the contested Jennings/Buchanan race where 18,000 votes went missing and Buchanan won by a mere 369 votes.

In typical wingnut fashion, Republicans accuse the other guy of doing what they're doing in an upside down George Orwell world. War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, don't cha know?!?

Whoopee doo! Go Gilmore!

Has reality ever stopped Republicans of a certain bent from plowing ahead through whatever insane idea pops into their mind? The last six years in Washington have proven the answer is an unequivocal "no."

To further illustrate, even though former Gov. Jim Gilmore of Virginia ran the state budget into the ground and it has taken nearly a decade to crawl out of the financial hole he left for Dems, the Virginian-Pilot today breathlessly reports that Gilmore is getting ready to announce his candidacy for the presidency in Des Moines, Iowa.

You see, like Brownback, McCain, Tancredo, Huckabee, Thompson and Gingrich, our former governor is the ONLY 'real conservative.'

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore is expected to formally announce in Des Moines, Iowa, today his candidacy for U.S. president, according to his campaign office.


Today's announcement is expected during his third visit in three weeks to Iowa, which conducts it s presidential caucus early in 2008.
Of course, before Howling Latina jumps into her cheerleading outfit and roots for her home boy, the latest fundraising figures has given her pause.

"According to federal campaign finance reports filed April 16, Gilmore was last in fundraising among the 10 Republicans and seven Democrats running for president in 2008. "
Probrecito! Poor Gilmore has only managed to raise $90,107. least it's more than our senior senator, John Warner has raised toward his reelection bid in '08.

Hmmm, so why in the name of vanity is Gimore running for president again?!?

Oh, yea, because he can; and quite possibly to raise his name recognition around the state and make a run for for governor in '09. But nothing comes easy for the would-be president. Looks like he'll have to strong arm Bubba Allen for that honor, as well.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kaine To End Gun Loophole...?

Wow, WJLA - ABC 7 News is on a roll!

Tonight they report that Gov. Tim Kaine has said he "may have the authority to close the loophole that allowed a mentally disturbed Virginia Tech student to get the guns he used to kill 32 classmates and faculty last week."

During a WTOP radio interview, Kaine told listeners that he "might be [able] to use an executive order to make changes in how courts report to a background check database when someone is found to have mental problems."

That's right; no needed go-ahead from the trigger happy Virginia General Assembly in Richmond. Now let's see the wingbats try to rail against that ONE!

Also on the radio interview was retired Virginia State Police Superintendent Gerald Massengill, whom Kaine appointed to head the review commission.

Massengill said Cho should not have been able to buy a gun. He said he and Kaine decided to "take an expedited look at" the flaw in the system.

WJLA Confirms Feeney is Congressman #3

Reports are flying that Abramoff is singing like a seasoned canary in masterly pitch and rhyme.

As a result, WJLA - ABC 7 News along with other media reports that "a former congressional aide" decided the jig was up and entered a guilty plea in court earlier this week.

Mark Zachares is the latest person to be "convicted in the Justice Department probe." He is the former aide to Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska.

Zachares "falsely reported the cost of transportation, lodging and meals as only $5,643, a figure coordinated with Abramoff to be substantially identical as the figures other attendees, including Representative #3, would report," according to a statement of facts which Zachares signed March 14.


In court, Zachares admitted that Abramoff and his lobbying team supplied him with $30,000 worth of tickets to sporting events and concerts on more than 40 occasions in 18 months from mid-2002 to early 2004.

Zachares accompanied Abramoff and six others including Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Fla., on a $160,000 golf junket to Scotland in 2003, according to the conspiracy count to which Zachares pleaded guilty.

And we now also learn that Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Corruption) who consistently claimed that he was not an FBI target is Representative #3 in the Zachares indictment.

Needless to say the congressman has suddently stopped talking to the media and said it would "have no further comment on the matter at this time."

Oh for crying out loud, how many damn crooks are there in the Republican party?!? The fumes from the corruption are rising beyond the heights of even the most foul stench imaginable.

Jim Webb Leads Again

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., has introduced a bipartisan bill with Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-NE., to create a commission to fashion a solution for the soon-to-come shortfall of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Unlike President Decider who tried to privatize Social Security, Webb and Hagel want a bipartisan group to study the entitlement issue and provide solutions instead of soundbites and give-aways to the uber rich security institutions.

“For decades, hard-working Americans have counted on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as a safety net to protect their basic needs,” said Senator Webb. “The intentions of these programs are unquestionable. They foster a level of fairness and government responsibility that Americans deserve. But with nearly 80 million baby boomers retiring in the next few years and the costs of medical care continually rising, we need to take the responsible steps to ensure the solvency of these programs in the years ahead.

“For too long, Congressional debate on these programs has been mired in partisan politics. As the latest trustees’ report makes all too clear, we need leadership to ensure the long-term financial health of these programs. That’s why it is time for a neutral commission to recommend solutions to Congress within one year of the bill’s passage,” continued Webb.

“Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have played a vital role for millions of Americans to cope with the financial burdens of retirement and health care costs. However, over the next 75 years these three programs represent a $47 trillion unfunded commitment and are on a trajectory that cannot be sustained. The Commission will review America’s three major entitlement programs and make comprehensive recommendations to sustain the solvency and stability of these programs for future generations. Confronting the financial challenges that exist with these entitlement programs now means facing less dramatic and difficult choices down the road,” Senator Hagel said.
In the House, Reps. John Tanner, D-Tn., and Mike Castle, R-De., have introduced similar legislation. The panel would reach a consensus and make recommendations to Congress on ways to fix the system.

In other words, cooperation across party lines. Something very rare in Washington.

At Long Last...Feeney Under FBI Radar Screen

At long last, Republican Rep. Tom Feeney of Florida has come under the FBI radar screen.

Lest you don't know who Feeney is, Brad Blog helpfully notes that Feeney was one of the three GOP congressmen who went on "golf junkets with Abramoff to St. Andrews, Scotland. " Of course, the other two have already been indicted with one serving hard-time in the federal penitentiary.

The St. Petersburg Times now reports that the FBI has a few questions for the corrupt congressman. And yes, although the FBI has refused to confirm that Feeney is under federal investigation, "federal agents...have asked the St. Petersburg Times for an e-mail sent to the newspaper by Feeney's office describing a golfing trip the congressman took with Abramoff to Scotland in 2003."

The FBI contacted the Times last week to ask for the February 2006 e-mail that Feeney's then chief of staff Jason Roe wrote to the newspaper in response to a series of questions about interactions between Feeney and Abramoff. The Times has referred the FBI's request to its attorney.

The Orlando Sentinel also was contacted by the FBI requesting another e-mail from Roe, a spokesperson for that newspaper said.

Oh dear, looks like the FBI wants to talk to a whole slew of folks about someone. Feeney is spinning the story as the FBI simply doing their job and crossing every "T" and dotting every "I." Nothing to find behind the curtain; they'll soon be moving on.

Feeney also happens to be the very same thug who asked programmer Clint Curtis of Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) to rig voting machines in 2000 so the preferred candidate could always win in Florida. Feeney at one time was a registered lobbyist for YEI.

Like butter, the law of karma just keeps on churning...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Edwards Responds with Humor...Of Course

John Edwards silenced critics with his homey self-deprecating humor that worked!

Politico has the story.
Speaking to voters here Friday, he wove a reference to the hubbub into comments about why immigrants flock to America."They want to come here because people like me can come from nowhere ... and now be running for president of the United States and paying $400 for a haircut," he said, grinning as the crowd of about 100 people laughed.
This guy is a natural. Howling Latina is glad to see Politico is picking up the gauntlet and telling truth to spin and spun controversy.

Edwards -- Unscripted and Real

Politico has a post about John Edwards and his response to the carnage in Blacksburg, Virginia.

In an era of scripted and sterile campaign events, the massacre at Virginia Tech produced a striking spurt of resourcefulness and spontaneity from John Edwards and his staff.

If the presidency is about big moments, Edwards set himself apart from his competitors in both parties, all of whom responded more sluggishly – and with mere written statements -- to a tragedy that would quickly reshape the national dialogue.

To Howling Latina, the presidential campaign is more about how a candidate responds to tragedy, adversity, controversy, and so on. It's about reacting with authenticity and heart as opposed to scripted and poll driven talking points.

And...on the scale of a grain of sand to the mass of the universe, how much a politician pays for his or her damn hair cut doesn't even calibrate on the register.

After all, when one thinks about the greatest Democratic presidents, Kennedy, Roosevelt, all patricians, all wealthy, one can't deny that having money did not preclude them from caring about the little guy and the middle guy equal to the tallest ones.

Steve Colbert had it right the other night when he said that rich people like John Edwards should be Republicans. in their own self interest, of course. How dare he be a Democrat? What steel-balled nerve!

Now here's a quickie comparison of Edwards, Clinton and Obama when it comes to core issues important to Democrats in the last few months.

Who is the first first-tier candidate to oppose a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea?

Who was the first to pull out of the Fox debates?

Who was the first to condemn Gen. Pace's remarks about homosexuality?

Hmmm, looks like HL might have to eat a little crow before this presidential cycle is over; she's sure leaning toward the candidate who was first in all three instances above, and here's a little hint, it ain't Obama or Clinton.

Fred Hiatt Slammed...As He Should Be...

Although undoubtedly there are worst media pimps than Fred Hiatt when it came to soliciting customers to sign on to the Iraq War, Howling Latina is glad to see that he is finally reaping the contempt he so richly deserved for his shameless plugging of the war. .

It's been a long time a-coming.

That's right, thanks to Washington City Paper, we have learned that Colbert King gave Hiatt his comeuppance with a few unkind words as he waved 'adios' to the Post.

King recently retired from his editorial writing duties, while keeping his regular op-ed column.

In a farewell memo, King lectured his fellow opinion writers about various alleged problems on the Post editorial page. The paper’s editorials, King suggested, were "resorting to sophomoric language”; some editorial writers were too cowardly to voice their opinions in meetings; and the page was practicing a double standard on race, using different language when dealing with black and white leaders in the Washington region.

The bombshell, though, drove at the very heart of editorial boarding: King implied that a single member had run away with the page. “Editorials simply must not be used to advance one individual’s causes or views,” read the memo.

Now boys and girls, who might that one unitary member be?!? It just so happens that Fred Hiatt is the editorial page editor at the Washington Post.
This particular slam, say sources, stemmed from King’s frustrations with the board’s position on the Iraq war—a position that King has criticized in his guise as an op-ed columnist. The memo seems to suggest that if only weak-kneed board members would speak up, the Post could end its pro-war tilt on Iraq. “The board…needs to think through its position on Iraq, encouraging a full expression of views,” wrote King.
Jolly, jolly. HL can hardly wait for Bill Moyers to do his thing next Wednesday on PBS. He's got a very special program, "Buying the War" that should send shivers to all the good folks that unloaded the pack of lies and jive that have cost so much treasure to us all.

Primping for Readers...

This morning the Washington Post has a blathering article about John Edwards $400 haircut. And we care about this because...?

Oh yes, because primping is only okay for the gentler sex, but certainly not for the macho types required of our male presidential candidates by the media.

Yep, nothing like a female journalist whore to tell us what is socially acceptable behavior for women and an absolute no-no for he-men titans that will protect us, just like Tall George.

[C]ulture assumes that women will primp...But politicians -- especially male ones -- should never, ever primp. Or at least shouldn't get caught at it.
The horror, the horror! And while we're at, let's rail against some bullshit excess trumped up by someone who obviously hasn't kept up with inflation and lives with her feet and pen plunked in the last century.

A pricey trim -- and in the demographics of Supercuts and neighborhood barbershops, that would be anything over $50 -- ceases to be a form of grooming and moves into the realm of primping
Anything over $50??? Is she kidding?!? Maybe at Hair Cuttery without a blow dry!

Howling Latina supposes editors need to start asking pundits what the price of a gallon of milk costs and what we pay at the pump for a gallon of gas before they let them pen another bit of useless ink space and pontificate about things they no absolutely nothing the cost of a modern day haircut; and yes, please include a little tinting with it.

Update: Right on time, Digby has a post about the feminizing of Democrats by Repubs and the media whores.
Republicans and the Queen Bee are...not about how much the haircut cost --- it's about the fact that he gets his hair cut by a fancy "hairdresser" instead of a butch barber like a real man would. They are basically calling him a "faggot" just like Coulter.

They are feminizing him, the same way they feminized Gore with his earth tones and Kerry with his "flip-flopping" you-know-what.They tried to do it with Clinton but couldn't really get at him very well because he was a womanizer --- so they said his wife was a dyke instead.

The Republicans start these memes and pass them around to their little insider pals because they know it amuses the sophomoric punditocrisy during homeroom. But it is also a way for them to get the media to subtly identify with the manly virtues they covet or admire, thus furthering the GOP goal of alienating the legions of insecure white males (and the women who love them) in this country from the Democratic party. They've been doing it for years, ever since the 60's when Ronnie was talking about how you couldn't tell the girls from the boys anymore.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not a Hard Call...

So the Republican National Committee has refused to turn over the White House emails and instead has indicated it's turning over the evidence to the perps.

Well...pundits are wondering what will be House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers next move. How about for starters a little injuction to make sure the integrity of the evidence is not compromised or destroyed, inadvertently, of course.

The Washington Post reports that the RNC is claiming the White House should have the first peek, just in case there is anything that needs to be protected from the prying eyes of Democrats. Executive privilege, of the Tricky Dicky variety.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bring Back the U.S. Attorneys

This morning on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania said that if the U.S. attorneys were fired without cause, they should be brought back.

Bloomberg has the poop on the scoop:
Specter said some of the attorneys released are under a professional cloud because the Justice Department initially said they were fired because of their performance.

"If they were released improperly, there ought to be a statement to that effect,'' the Pennsylvania Republican, 77, said. "If he was wrong, replacement -- reinstatement wouldn't be a bad idea if it could be done administratively.''
The New York Times weighs in with the following headline, "Specter Hopes for Deal on White House Testimony."
Mr. Specter said he had urged Mr. Gonzales at least to consider reinstating the eight. “Its kind of hard to unscramble these eggs,” he said, “but I think it is possible.”
The shelling to the stale GOP talking point that Bush had every constitutional right to fire whoever the hell his little evil heart desired received a deadly strike by Specter when he noted:

While a president has the power to replace all United States attorneys -- as some do at the outset of an administration -- “you can’t replace them for a bad reason,” Specter said.

You know, like the fact that U.S. Attorney Carol Lam was “hot on the trail' of political allies of a former Republican representative, Randy Cunningham, who was convicted of corruption in 2005."

Oooh, Howling Latina wishes that she could be a little fly on the wall at the White House.

Nothing Improper -- Right...Sure...

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales penned an op-ed in the Washington Post this morning. He writes:
I know that I did not -- and would not -- ask for the resignation of any U.S. attorney for an improper reason. Furthermore, I have no basis to believe that anyone involved in this process sought the removal of a U.S. attorney for an improper reason.
Well, Howling Latina is happy to note Gonzo's confidence in the seedy matter. However, considering that his underling directly contradicted earlier testimony from him and...his story has kept changing, please forgive mere mortals if we have little assurance in the AG's words.
All of these documents and public testimony indicate that the Justice Department did not seek the removal of any U.S. attorney to interfere with or improperly influence any case or investigation. Indeed, I am extremely proud of the department's strong record of vigorous prosecutions, particularly in the area of public corruption, where Republicans and Democrats alike have been held accountable for their crimes.
Oh really...all of the documents, every last one, oh, even the millions of e-mails lost to the gods of cyberspace whim?!?

And sure, during your happy talks with your then-deputy chief of staff you probably made no decisions "about who should or should not be asked to resign." After all, that would've been above your pay grade.

The Albuquerque Journal via TPM Muckraker has this juicy tidbit to add:

Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias was fired after Sen. Pete Domenici, who had been unhappy with Iglesias for some time, made a personal appeal to the White House, the Journal has learned.

Domenici had complained about Iglesias before, at one point going to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales before taking his request to the president as a last resort.


At one point, the six-term Republican senator tried to get Iglesias moved to a Justice Department post in Washington, D.C., but Iglesias told Justice officials he wasn't interested.

In the spring of 2006, Domenici told Gonzales he wanted Iglesias out.

Gonzales refused. He told Domenici he would fire Iglesias only on orders from the president.

All this time that America thought Gonzo was the AG of the people, it turns out that he was just carrying water for the White House and their evil machinations. Just another political flack in the long line of toadies too afraid to take a piss without the go-ahead from Dubya and Rove.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

More on Rove as Prosecutor-gate Catalyst

Daily Kos also had a post about NPR's breathtaking news that Rove was behind the shenanigans to fire the U.S. attorneys.

NPR now has new information about that plan. According to someone who's had conversations with White House officials, the plan to fire all 93 U.S. attorneys originated with political adviser Karl Rove. It was seen as a way to get political cover for firing the small number of U.S. attorneys the White House actually wanted to get rid of. Documents show the plan was eventually dismissed as impractical.

Indeed, NPR notes that "[b]y eventually dismissing the eight prosecutors, the White House started down a path that has led to a clash with Congress over executive privilege. The current question is whether, and how, White House officials will testify about their role in the dismissals."

Now ain't that special! It seems every time there's a question of illegality in the administration, Rove is leading the parade.

Yep, It Was Rove

Back in March, Howling Latina wrote about the Rovian machination to fire a selected few U.S. attorneys under the cover of fire-them all! And how swell that by firing all 93 men and women, Patrick Fitzgerald would've been on that lofty list.

NPR has confirmed HL's suspicion as reported by Think Progress:
More Rove fingerprints. NPR reports, “According to someone who’s had conversations with White House officials, the plan to fire all 93 U.S. attorneys originated with political adviser Karl Rove. It was seen as a way to get political cover for firing the small number of U.S. attorneys the White House actually wanted to get rid of. Documents show the plan was eventually dismissed as impractical.”
Oh dear...

Sunday Gabfest Lineup

Tomorrow, Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., will be on CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" along with former vice president Walter Mondale and Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., to talk about the latest chaos in Baghdad and assess the war after Bush's surge.

"Meet the Press" will interview Retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Anthony Zinni, former commander of U.S. Central Command and author of the book, "The Battle for Peace.

Joining the gabfest will be David Brooks, columnist of the New York Times, John Hardwood, chief Washington correspondent of the Wall Street Journal, Gwen Ifill, moderator of PBS's "Washington Week" and Eugene Robinson, columnist of the Washington Post. Iraq and Imus will be the topics du jour.

"This Week with George Stephanopoulos" will have New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, just back from North Korea as part of the U.S. delegation to talk about the region and his presidential ambitions. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., will talk about the missing emails, subpoenas ready to go and the "showdown with the White House over the U.S. attorney scandal."

"Face the Nation" will have only one guest. Dead-eye Dick. Howling Latina doesn't think she can stomach watching the second liar-in-command lie his evil head some more.

Friday, April 13, 2007

God and Job

Blogging the Bible is this awesome blog that has a post on the Book of Job from the Old Testament.

It talks about the dichotomy between a God who moves from peevish ire over a wager with the devil to one who rewards Job's faithfulness to Him. David Plotz writes:

I confess that I'm flummoxed by Job. Should we believe Chapters 38 through 41, when God tells us we're nothing, and that we have no right to question Him? Or should we believe Chapter 42, when God acknowledges that Job was right and settles the lawsuit? The God of Chapters 38 through 41 is petulant, arrogant, and wrong. The God of Chapter 42 is willing to correct His mistake. Also the God of Chapter 42 admits that the three friends are wrong. By punishing them, He seems to be conceding that, in fact, the wicked aren't always punished and the good aren't always rewarded. But isn't such a concession impossible for God? If He disavows their arguments, isn't He saying He's impotent? That he doesn't actually reward the righteous and upbraid the wicked?

I'm troubled, I'm puzzled, I have more questions than answers—and that, I suppose, is why the Book of Job has been required reading for almost 3,000 years.
Well, Howling Latina has always wondered if the little deal between God and the devil and the true nature of Job isn't really an allegory about an internal conversation that God had with Himself.

So when God humiliated Job, or heck, even when He initially agreed to test Job's faithfulness in a captious gambit, was it to learn of His true nature? What is the inherent nature of man whose likeness is of God?!? Is it one of hope or doubt? Or even worst, one of anger in the face of pain and anguish?!?

Something televangelist Joyce Meyer wrote about God came to HL's mind as she read the post. In one of her best-selling books, Meyer wrote that God had commanded her to not only forgive her sexually abusive father and weak mother who knew of the abuse but to thank both for all the good they had done for her in life. They gave her life, fed her, sent her to school and so on.

Yes, God wanted Joyce Myer to be grateful to her parents for giving her life; and by extension, to be grateful to God for her time on earth.

After all, God gives life and it's not beyond the realm of possibilities that if you're angry at your father for abusing you as a teen and forcing you to feign passion and if you're less than happy with a mother who knew of the abuse and did nothing, might you not also be a tad pissed off at God as well?!? Exactly as the devil bet Job would feel when he lost his money, family and health?!?

Why is faith to God so important?!? Is it because by our earthly decisions we fashion whether the spiritual realm becomes a vessel of love and glory and faith or a vessel of hatred at life's whim?!?

Howling Latina believes the answer to the meaning of life and God's existence lie in the words of this exceptional tale from the Old Testament.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sunday Gabfest

Howling Latina missed posting in advance of last Sunday's "Meet the Press" guest list. So for penance, here's a list of all the guests for the talk shows tomorrow.

"Fox News Sunday" will have Sen. Chuck Schumer with former-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and political satirist and author Christopher Buckley, son of conservative icon, William Buckley.

"Meet the Press" will feature NBC's David Gregory and Chuck Todd, Kate O'Beirne, Washington editor of the National Review and Judy Woodruff, senior correspondent of PBS. The topic de jour will be the battle over funding and the fired U.S. attorneys.


"Face the Nation" will interview Republican presidential hopeful, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas.

"Late Edition" will chat-up with Sens. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and Joseph Lieberman. I-Conn., as well as the latest entry into the Republican presidential sweepstake, Tommy Thompson, the former secretary of health and human services and governor of Wisconsin.

"This Week" will feature Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., to argue about war funding. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and his lovely bride, Teresa Heinz Kerry, will talk about their new book, "This Moment on Earth. Walter Isaacson, author of an Albert Einstein's biography will also be a guest.

On the "Roundtable," the usual suspects George Will and Donna Brazile will be joined by Jake Tapper, ABC senior national correspondent. Issacson will also weigh in on Eintein's faith.

Ooh, ooh, looks like "This Week" has the absolute best lineup. Howling Latina is definitely interested in hearing Einstein's thoughts on the subject of God and the universe.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Worst of the Worst Red Herring

Yesterday, The Cavalier Daily quotes Sen. Creigh Deeds on why he voted to override Gov. Tim Kaine's vetoes on expanding crimes eligible for state-sactioned killing.

Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, D-Charlottesville, said although the death penalty is something people should always be uncomfortable with, there were logical reasons for voting against Kaine's vetoes.

"Taking the life of a judge or witness subverts the entire legal process," Deeds said.

Although Howling Latina believes the death penalty should be abolished, she can understand why some supporters of capital punishment want to reserve the ultimate punishment for the worst of the worst, such as when someone kills a judge.

Interestingly, when thinking about the subject of violence against judges--or politicans--it seems that it's the batwing faction of the Republican Guard that is the very one with a few unsavory comments on the subject AND on the record.

Yes, who can ever forget the tender aside by conservative aging queen Ann Coulter on how "they shot the wrong Lincoln" when referring to former Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island?!? Or her loving wish for Justice Stevens that someone "put 'rat poisoning in [his] creme brulee"?

Of course, the discourse has little to do with the "triggerman rule" veto, which should have been upheld by EVERY LEGISLATOR, and serves only to distract.

The "triggerman" bill would give unimpeded power to the commonwealth attorney to ask for the death penalty for someone who may only have been peripherally involved in a slaying.

Thanks but no thanks. HL doesn't think a person who didn't kill ANYONE needs to be executed by the state in my name. No excuses. Deeds should have voted to uphold the veto. And what's more, he failed to address the "triggerman rule" veto with his red herrings about judges and witnesses.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

As Howling Latina Sees it...

Howling Latina was fully aware that she was going to get the wrath of some Dems because she was just a teeny weeny upset that Sen. Creigh Deeds voted with the GOPers to override Gov. Tim Kaine's veto of the "triggerman rule."

Suffice it to say, she's not ALONE and there are some progressives who think Deeds is a tad lame and really doesn't represent progressive ideals. Sure, he has a "D" before his name, but to tell the truth, if Deeds and Devolites-Davis were to run for attorney general, HL would support the person who votes on the issue of social justice--irrespective of party affiliation.

Hell, for that matter, maybe she'd even vote for batwing Ken Cuccinelli. Like March to a Different Drummer points out in a recent post, just exactly what is so great about Deeds?!?

Oh and by the bye, in that Staunton News Leader poll, which happens to be right smack next to Deeds' district, the overwhelming majority, 65.4 percent to 34.6 percent didn't share Deeds notion of how it might be swell to vote with the GOPers with regard to the smoking ban. There is no poll on the "triggerman rule."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh yea, Cuccinelli is Cracking...

Howling Latina received word that the Senate voted to uphold Gov. Tim Kaine's veto of the triggerman rule.

Voting to uphold the veto is none other than wingnut Ken Cuccinelli. My, oh my, he must really be worried about the upcoming election.

Also voting to uphold the veto was Republican Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis and Democratic Sens. Chuck Colgan, John S. Edwards, Janet Howell, Bennie Lambert, Mamie Locke, Louise Lucas, Henry Marsh, Toddy Puller, Richard Saslaw, Patricia Ticer and Mary Margaret Whipple. Sen. Russ Potts abstained.

Perhaps Creigh Deeds voted with the rest of the Republicans because his vote wasn't really needed. He was quoted as mulling over the choice of supporting the governor.

Meantime back at the howling ranch, he can forget about HL going out of her way to support him in any future statewide election.

Poll in Staunton News Leader

There is a poll in the Staunton News Leader asking folks whether they think Gov. Tim Kaine's veto of the death penalty bills should be upheld. It also asks whether the smoking ban should remain. The poll is at the very bottom of the page so it's easy to miss.

Blessedly, the Washington Post and Staunton News wrote an editorial this morning asking legislators to uphold the governor's veto with regard to the death penalty.

More good news for reasonable people, too. As you can see from the poll results, a majority of Virginians think the General Assembly should uphold Kaine's veto and smoking ban initiative.

Go Kaine! Virginia already leads the nation in executions since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, except in Texas.

Free to Go

The Washington Post reports that Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has pardoned the 15 British sailors that were alleged to have intruded into Iranian territorial waters, and they will soon will be be free to go home.

In London, British Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed the release.


Addressing "the Iranian people," Blair added: "We bear you no ill will. On the contrary, we respect Iran as an ancient civilization . . . and the disagreements that we have with your government we wish to resolve peacefully through dialogue. I hope, as I've always hoped, that in the future we are able to do so."

This is good news, all around. The Iranian president was even seen joking with the British Seebees, according to CNN News.

This is not to condone the Iranian action since Howling Latina has no way of knowing whether the British violated Iranian sovereign territory or not but...suffice it to say that the world should temper its rush to demonize a country before all the FACTS are known. And yes, these words are especially directed to Quick-Draw-McBush and the right wing batwings.

History has shown that when the West demonizes a leader for the purpose of subsequently demonizing a nation, bad things happen. Like war; and the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides of the conflict.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Worst of the Worst - Part Deux

One of the venal terrorist from Guantanamo has been brought to justice. America can now collectively breathe a sigh of relief.

David Hicks was tried and found guilty by the war crimes tribunal in Guantanamo and sentenced to seven years in prison. Oh but wait, the sentence was later reduced under a plea agreement to nine months.

Well, here are some thoughts from Devilstower of DailyKos on the plea agreement and what it could mean:

What kind of deal had Hicks made? Did he offer to provide the names of hidden terrorists in the United States? Did he reveal Osama's secret hiding place? Did he help foil one of those vaguely-defined plots Bush is always alluding to?

Just what could a man who supposedly was involved in plotting attacks against the west both with the Taliban and al Qaeda have to offer? His silence.
Of course...

Under the plea agreement Hicks has to keep his trap shut for at least 12 months, the New York Times reports.

[T]o some in the courtroom, the proceedings proved only that the system was rigged [and] the only way out of Guantánamo was to give the prosecutors what they wanted...Hicks plead guilty [and] signed a plea bargain in which he recanted his accusations about being abused in detention and promised not to speak to reporters for a year.

In the courtroom, the military judge had Mr. Hicks acknowledge each of the contentious provision of his deal. Mr. Hicks, the judge read, agreed that he had “never been illegally treated” while in American captivity, including “through the entire period of your detention by the United States at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.” Mr. Hicks agreed to that statement.

Yes sir, boss man. Anything to get me out of this hell hole. Of course, that doesn't commit his Australian lawyer from telling the truth once Mr. Hicks safely arrives home. He was quoted voicing his opinion on what Hicks might be thinking about this sordid ghastly affair:
“He says that if he is the worst of the worst, and the person who should be put before a military commission first,” Mr. McLeod said, “then the world really hasn’t got much to worry about.”

Under the terms of his release, Hicks must never profit from his story; and if he ever decides to write a book, the profits must go to the Australian government.

But oh hell, Howling Latina can see a loophole as wide as the Pacific Ocean on these transparent restrictions that are meant to silence history. The gag order ain't on mom, sis or Uncle Lawyer, right?!? Besides, it looks like the foreign press already knows exactly what the scoop on this piece of poop is, even in Australia.

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