Thursday, April 05, 2007

As Howling Latina Sees it...

Howling Latina was fully aware that she was going to get the wrath of some Dems because she was just a teeny weeny upset that Sen. Creigh Deeds voted with the GOPers to override Gov. Tim Kaine's veto of the "triggerman rule."

Suffice it to say, she's not ALONE and there are some progressives who think Deeds is a tad lame and really doesn't represent progressive ideals. Sure, he has a "D" before his name, but to tell the truth, if Deeds and Devolites-Davis were to run for attorney general, HL would support the person who votes on the issue of social justice--irrespective of party affiliation.

Hell, for that matter, maybe she'd even vote for batwing Ken Cuccinelli. Like March to a Different Drummer points out in a recent post, just exactly what is so great about Deeds?!?

Oh and by the bye, in that Staunton News Leader poll, which happens to be right smack next to Deeds' district, the overwhelming majority, 65.4 percent to 34.6 percent didn't share Deeds notion of how it might be swell to vote with the GOPers with regard to the smoking ban. There is no poll on the "triggerman rule."

Teeny-weeny is an understatement.
Slightly off topic, but I wanted to let you know about the "Blog Against Theocracy" taking place this weekend. For more information go to

Hope you can join us!

Dear Howling Latina,

I am trying to respond to your note on my blog “March To A Different Drummer”. I do not recall seeing a comment from you nor deleting a comment from you. Please repost. Sorry to have to communicate this here but I can find no email contact on your site.

Bill Garnett, Midlothian, VA
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