Friday, April 06, 2007

Worst of the Worst Red Herring

Yesterday, The Cavalier Daily quotes Sen. Creigh Deeds on why he voted to override Gov. Tim Kaine's vetoes on expanding crimes eligible for state-sactioned killing.

Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, D-Charlottesville, said although the death penalty is something people should always be uncomfortable with, there were logical reasons for voting against Kaine's vetoes.

"Taking the life of a judge or witness subverts the entire legal process," Deeds said.

Although Howling Latina believes the death penalty should be abolished, she can understand why some supporters of capital punishment want to reserve the ultimate punishment for the worst of the worst, such as when someone kills a judge.

Interestingly, when thinking about the subject of violence against judges--or politicans--it seems that it's the batwing faction of the Republican Guard that is the very one with a few unsavory comments on the subject AND on the record.

Yes, who can ever forget the tender aside by conservative aging queen Ann Coulter on how "they shot the wrong Lincoln" when referring to former Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island?!? Or her loving wish for Justice Stevens that someone "put 'rat poisoning in [his] creme brulee"?

Of course, the discourse has little to do with the "triggerman rule" veto, which should have been upheld by EVERY LEGISLATOR, and serves only to distract.

The "triggerman" bill would give unimpeded power to the commonwealth attorney to ask for the death penalty for someone who may only have been peripherally involved in a slaying.

Thanks but no thanks. HL doesn't think a person who didn't kill ANYONE needs to be executed by the state in my name. No excuses. Deeds should have voted to uphold the veto. And what's more, he failed to address the "triggerman rule" veto with his red herrings about judges and witnesses.

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