Saturday, April 21, 2007

Primping for Readers...

This morning the Washington Post has a blathering article about John Edwards $400 haircut. And we care about this because...?

Oh yes, because primping is only okay for the gentler sex, but certainly not for the macho types required of our male presidential candidates by the media.

Yep, nothing like a female journalist whore to tell us what is socially acceptable behavior for women and an absolute no-no for he-men titans that will protect us, just like Tall George.

[C]ulture assumes that women will primp...But politicians -- especially male ones -- should never, ever primp. Or at least shouldn't get caught at it.
The horror, the horror! And while we're at, let's rail against some bullshit excess trumped up by someone who obviously hasn't kept up with inflation and lives with her feet and pen plunked in the last century.

A pricey trim -- and in the demographics of Supercuts and neighborhood barbershops, that would be anything over $50 -- ceases to be a form of grooming and moves into the realm of primping
Anything over $50??? Is she kidding?!? Maybe at Hair Cuttery without a blow dry!

Howling Latina supposes editors need to start asking pundits what the price of a gallon of milk costs and what we pay at the pump for a gallon of gas before they let them pen another bit of useless ink space and pontificate about things they no absolutely nothing the cost of a modern day haircut; and yes, please include a little tinting with it.

Update: Right on time, Digby has a post about the feminizing of Democrats by Repubs and the media whores.
Republicans and the Queen Bee are...not about how much the haircut cost --- it's about the fact that he gets his hair cut by a fancy "hairdresser" instead of a butch barber like a real man would. They are basically calling him a "faggot" just like Coulter.

They are feminizing him, the same way they feminized Gore with his earth tones and Kerry with his "flip-flopping" you-know-what.They tried to do it with Clinton but couldn't really get at him very well because he was a womanizer --- so they said his wife was a dyke instead.

The Republicans start these memes and pass them around to their little insider pals because they know it amuses the sophomoric punditocrisy during homeroom. But it is also a way for them to get the media to subtly identify with the manly virtues they covet or admire, thus furthering the GOP goal of alienating the legions of insecure white males (and the women who love them) in this country from the Democratic party. They've been doing it for years, ever since the 60's when Ronnie was talking about how you couldn't tell the girls from the boys anymore.

Hillary is in big trouble!
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