Thursday, April 26, 2007

Imus On His Way to Rehab at Fox

The entire time bloggers and media were going ballistic over Don Imus' use of the words "nappy hos," Howling Latina was privately musing about how long it would take Roger Ailes to nab a few of the show's crew members, if not the "I-man' himself, and bring them home to FOX.

Well...exactly two weeks.

Two weeks after Imus got the boot at MSNBC, the foul mouthed producer of "Imus in the Morning, " Bernard McGuirk, will be a guest of Hannity and Colmes. And you can bet your sweet Nielsen ratings that if the Neanderthal audience at Fox takes a liking to McGuirk, he'll be a very special guest many times more.

Next up, if all goes well, the I-man, for sure.

Your a racist idiot! how dare you make fun of latina's by calling us howling!!!

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