Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP - Farrah Fawcett

How sad...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Froomkin's Firing

By now everyone knows that Dan Froomkin was summarily fired by the Washington Post. In the meantime stellar voices like gasbag George Will, David Broder, Charles Krauthammer, David Ignatius and Michael Gerson continue to write for the fading paper at death's door.

But dear readers; there's a sure-fire logical reason why Froomkin had to go. And Nobel Memorial Prize winner Paul Krugman is more than happy to explain to you why it was so.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's Barack Obama

Waiting on a Breakthrough...

We are destroying the world as we know it; and betting our very existence on a so-far evasive scientific breakthrough that will change the composition of carbon dioxide to something the planet can handle.

In paraphrasing this afternoon's panel on Gordon Peterson's show from the nation's capital, the seas will rise unless humans can figure out what to do with all the carbon dioxide we're emitting.

In the meantime, governments refuse to reduce carbon emmissions since China has already told them, hey folks, keep China out of your grand plans; we've got two centuries to catch up on.

That's right, boys and girls. China has told the West they have 150 years to come up with a scientific breakthrough before it's irreversible; in the meantime, they're off to the races and will see us in 2200 or before, depending on their luck.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ronald Reagan Intimate Speaks Truth to Batwings

In an amazing opinion piece, a Reagan intimate excoriates the current crop of leaders in the Republican Party.

Here's a sample, as published by Los Angeles Times:

The Republican Party that is in such disrepute today is not the party of Reagan. It is the party of Rush Limbaugh, of Ann Coulter, of Newt Gingrich, of George W. Bush, of Karl Rove. It is not a conservative party, it is a party built on the blind and narrow pursuit of power.
The author is no RINO; he is former Congressman Mickey Edwards from Oklahoma, one of the most conservative states in the Union. Edwards was "one of three founding trustees of the Heritage Foundation and national chairman of the American Conservative Union." He also served as an adviser to Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential campaign and once held the "fourth-ranking leadership position" in the House.

Read the rest and be enlightened; it explains why people are leaving the Republican Party in droves.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Post Speech Polling

From Politico:

What should President Obama have talked more about during his speech in Cairo?

Iran 4 %
Israel-Palestine 5 %
Terrorism 26 %
U.S. Muslims 1 %
Something else 9 %
Nothing, I liked the speech as is. 55 %

Results are based on 16654 votes

Oh much for should'ves and missed opportunities.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Home-Grown Terrorists

Scott Roeder faithfully believes that "lethal force is not a criminal offense if it protects the lives of unborn children." After all, George Tiller wasn't really human; he was a mass murderer and had to be stopped by any means necessary.

Be afraid, folks, very afraid. Scott is not the only Christian Taliban running around the countryside; it's just a matter of time and there will be more blood. Death to the infidels!
Kansas City activist Regina Dinwiddie...said she does not consider death of Tiller, the nation's most prominent provider of controversial late-term abortions, to be a homicide.

"I don't think he was murdered. I believe he was absolutely stopped in his tracks and it was long overdue," Dinwiddie said. She declined to say when she last spoke with Roeder.

But don't trust your ears and eyes, right-wing extremists screech. Contrary to every piece of evidence, there's no link to them and violence; and no need to keep a watchful eyeball on their goings-on. That would be an outrage. Just ask the agin' cheerleader, Michelle Maulkin. or James Young of SkepticalObservor.

Who us??
Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, whose group is based in Wichita and whose Web site carries a "Tiller Watch" feature, said he was "shocked" by the killing.
Yes, yes; everyone is absolutely shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on.

Pro-life Terrorist Opens Fire in Church, Kills Doctor

With his headline and a few words, John Aravosis of Americablog pins the tail on the terrorist.
Thank God that the Obama administration caved last month to religious right and GOP demands that it withdraw a new domestic terrorism report that indicated, among other things, that radicals might use abortion as a justification for committing acts of domestic terrorism. Now a man is dead, and an American church has been shot up during services.
That's right. Earlier this morning, a prominent late-term abortion doctor was shot and killed by some right-to-life terrorist. Let the Washington Post fully explain:

Tiller, 67, had performed abortions since the 1970s and ran the Women's Health Care Services clinic, one of just three in the nation to perform abortions after the point when a fetus is considered able to survive outside the womb.

Of course, fundies will say this was just an aberration -- a few bad apples of the Abu Ghraib type. But...don't you believe it; as usual, they're lying. Huffington Post has all the gory details.

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