Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unbelievable...but Predictable

After a few days of much needed rest and restoration, the howler feels compelled to now chime in on the latest endorsement to go Bob McDonnell's way in the Virginia governors race.

For fans of Creigh Deeds, don't say you weren't warned. Those who might've voted for Obama, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are either staying home in November or gasp, voting for the dark side.

Hot off the press, or at least a little luke warm, the media reports Black Entertainment Television co-founded Sheila Johnson is supporting Republican Bob McDonell over the Democratic candidate, Creigh Deeds.

"[T]he former chairwoman of Democratic Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's inaugural committee...crossed party lines today to endorse Republican Bob McDonnell as Kaine's successor, arguing that McDonnell would do a better job of spurring economic development in Virginia," the Washington Post writes.
Johnson, who has been Kaine's second largest individual donor and has contributed more than $600,000 to Kaine since 2000 (Adding Feathers to Her Cap -- Post, January 2006), said her decision came after meeting with both Deeds and McDonnell and coming to the conclusion that McDonnell would be more likely to right Virginia's ailing economy.
Let's not forget last year's famous split with hubby who supported Hillary as Sheila was endorsing Obama. Unfortunately, this is an off-year election so don't be looking for Deeds to pull off any miracles. Personally, can't imagine she would've endorsed McDonnell over Moran.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

At Long Last....

Hear ye, hear ye...

The Minnesota Supreme Court has finally declared Al Franken the winner. Seven months after he won the election, Al Franken of Minnesota will at long last take his rightful spot in the US Senate.

In the meantime, USA Today reports that Democrats have been keeping a seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee warm for Al. And Norm Coleman has accepted the obvious and called it day.

Sixty votes -- and away we go!

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