Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WJLA Confirms Feeney is Congressman #3

Reports are flying that Abramoff is singing like a seasoned canary in masterly pitch and rhyme.

As a result, WJLA - ABC 7 News along with other media reports that "a former congressional aide" decided the jig was up and entered a guilty plea in court earlier this week.

Mark Zachares is the latest person to be "convicted in the Justice Department probe." He is the former aide to Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska.

Zachares "falsely reported the cost of transportation, lodging and meals as only $5,643, a figure coordinated with Abramoff to be substantially identical as the figures other attendees, including Representative #3, would report," according to a statement of facts which Zachares signed March 14.


In court, Zachares admitted that Abramoff and his lobbying team supplied him with $30,000 worth of tickets to sporting events and concerts on more than 40 occasions in 18 months from mid-2002 to early 2004.

Zachares accompanied Abramoff and six others including Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Fla., on a $160,000 golf junket to Scotland in 2003, according to the conspiracy count to which Zachares pleaded guilty.

And we now also learn that Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Corruption) who consistently claimed that he was not an FBI target is Representative #3 in the Zachares indictment.

Needless to say the congressman has suddently stopped talking to the media and said it would "have no further comment on the matter at this time."

Oh for crying out loud, how many damn crooks are there in the Republican party?!? The fumes from the corruption are rising beyond the heights of even the most foul stench imaginable.

I would remind you that several democrats are in the same lobbyist scandal that you are lampooning Republicans. The top of the list is the $90,00 frozen cold hard cash corrupt Rep. Jefferson. A little tid bit for your information-- more democrats have been convicted and subsequently are in prison due to corruption than the few republicans you can mention. Pretty sad that the facts get in your way when you want to mislead people for political gain.
Trent A. Barton, have you ever heard the term "Truthiness"?

e.g. Truth by assertion, rather than Truth supplemented by evidence.

1. Jefferson may well go to prison, but no one is suggesting that he has any involvement with the Abramamoff scandal. Check the record on this one. This is a technical point, but let's get the baseline facts correct.

I also remember Dan Rostenkowski getting into his fair share of trouble in the 90s.

So there are two Democratic congressmen with major corruption violations in 16 years. (Assuming Jefferson is convicted, which strikes me as a possibility).

2. On the flipside we have in just the past 4 years the following GOP offenders:

2A. The White House's procurement officer David Safavian--in prison.
2B. Bob Ney, the #2 House of Rep leader, in prison.
2C. Steven Grilles, the #2 at Interior, in prison.
2D. Kyle Dusty Foggo the #3 at CIA facing an indictment in connection with the MZM scandal.
2E. Randy Duke Cunningham, in prison for being involved in the largest congressional corruption scandal in U.S. history.
2F. Rick Renzi, under investigation in Arizona (maybe he stays, maybe not).
2G. Feeney, now facing his share of problems.
2H. Jerry Lewis of California, under investigation in connection with the MZM scandal.
2I. Rep. Doolittle of California, house recently raided by the FBI.
2J. Rep. Don Young from Alaska also under investigation in connection with the Abramoff scandal.
2K. Michael Scanlon, Tom Delay's one time chief of staff, in prison.
2L. Tony Rudy, another DeLay staff who plead guilty to conspiracy charges in reference to the Abramoff scandal.

And several other cases ongoing.
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