Saturday, April 14, 2007

More on Rove as Prosecutor-gate Catalyst

Daily Kos also had a post about NPR's breathtaking news that Rove was behind the shenanigans to fire the U.S. attorneys.

NPR now has new information about that plan. According to someone who's had conversations with White House officials, the plan to fire all 93 U.S. attorneys originated with political adviser Karl Rove. It was seen as a way to get political cover for firing the small number of U.S. attorneys the White House actually wanted to get rid of. Documents show the plan was eventually dismissed as impractical.

Indeed, NPR notes that "[b]y eventually dismissing the eight prosecutors, the White House started down a path that has led to a clash with Congress over executive privilege. The current question is whether, and how, White House officials will testify about their role in the dismissals."

Now ain't that special! It seems every time there's a question of illegality in the administration, Rove is leading the parade.

Minor detail. It is not illegal for the president to fire his appointees.

You might want to go back to the presidency of Andrew Johnson and consider the case of Edwin Stanton, then Secretary of War.
It is not illegal for the president to fire the U.S. attorneys unless he did so because they had earlier refused to wrongfully indict this Democrat or that one on some bogus voter fraud charge. Or because they had followed their prosecutorial duties and indicted the slew of GOP criminals running the country.
A presumption of guilt? So it would seem.

Does GOP = criminal?
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