Saturday, April 21, 2007

Edwards -- Unscripted and Real

Politico has a post about John Edwards and his response to the carnage in Blacksburg, Virginia.

In an era of scripted and sterile campaign events, the massacre at Virginia Tech produced a striking spurt of resourcefulness and spontaneity from John Edwards and his staff.

If the presidency is about big moments, Edwards set himself apart from his competitors in both parties, all of whom responded more sluggishly – and with mere written statements -- to a tragedy that would quickly reshape the national dialogue.

To Howling Latina, the presidential campaign is more about how a candidate responds to tragedy, adversity, controversy, and so on. It's about reacting with authenticity and heart as opposed to scripted and poll driven talking points.

And...on the scale of a grain of sand to the mass of the universe, how much a politician pays for his or her damn hair cut doesn't even calibrate on the register.

After all, when one thinks about the greatest Democratic presidents, Kennedy, Roosevelt, all patricians, all wealthy, one can't deny that having money did not preclude them from caring about the little guy and the middle guy equal to the tallest ones.

Steve Colbert had it right the other night when he said that rich people like John Edwards should be Republicans. in their own self interest, of course. How dare he be a Democrat? What steel-balled nerve!

Now here's a quickie comparison of Edwards, Clinton and Obama when it comes to core issues important to Democrats in the last few months.

Who is the first first-tier candidate to oppose a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea?

Who was the first to pull out of the Fox debates?

Who was the first to condemn Gen. Pace's remarks about homosexuality?

Hmmm, looks like HL might have to eat a little crow before this presidential cycle is over; she's sure leaning toward the candidate who was first in all three instances above, and here's a little hint, it ain't Obama or Clinton.

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