Friday, April 27, 2007

Edwards Outing Confirmed & Hillary Getting Pelosied

Nearly a year ago, Howling Latina went on a rampage with progressive bloggers, usually men, who insisted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be the ruin of Democrats in November.

After watching the Democratic debate and trolling through the Virginia blogosphere, it's deja vous all over again. Bloggers, all men, are trashing Hillary because goodness knows, gasp, she rocked the place tonight.

Now, Howling Latina is no fan of Hillary, but she's gotta give credit where credit is due. She was fresh faced, presidential and ready for the long haul. No hesitation; no missteps.

Obama, on the other hand, looked nervous and twitchy.
Edwards looked tired, as if his wife's cancer had spread to him.

Dodd looked old.

Richardson had diarrhea of the mouth and kept going over his time limit.

Kucinich and Gravel came across as extremists--even if they were both right about the war and Dems obeisance at the Golden Gate of the military complex.

Surprisingly, Biden sounded good and looked very GQ.

One note of interest was Edwards response when asked what his recent biggest mistake was. In referring to his vote authorizing Bush to invade Iraq, Edwards tellingly said that he wished he'd listened to his instinct.

Well, that just about confirms the earlier outing by Bob Shrum in his memoir as reported by the Associated Press via MSNBC last month.

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was skeptical about voting for the Iraq war resolution and was pushed into it by advisers looking out for his political future, according to an upcoming book by one of his former consultants.

Democratic strategist Bob Shrum writes in his memoir to be published in June that he regrets advising Edwards to give President Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq. He said if Edwards had followed his instincts instead of the advice of political professionals, he would have been a stronger presidential candidate in 2004.

Finally, folks who vote in a self-directed poll may have liked Obama or Edwards; but from HL's perspective, Hillary won the debate fair and square. Moreover, if someone is to go up against McCain or Thompson or whoever, Dems better have the most polished candidate who has their game on.

No doubt about it. Hillary has learned well from the master, her hubby.

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