Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did you Know...??

Psss, did you know that the Obama team is busy "repackaging Clinton's foreign policy credentials" since the only thing of worth on her resume were the highfalutin' tea parties she gave while First Lady?? Well, at least that was the story Obama & Company told back when he was fighting Hillary Clinton tooth and claw for the Democratic presidential nomination.

According to Huffy (and yes, no link), poor Barack is now having to eat a little crow after tearing down Hillary's "foreign policy credentials" in light of his soon-to-come announcement of the New York senator as his secretary of state. Surely you haven't forgotten Obama's subtle but oh, so much on the mark commentary during those frantic days in March.
"What exactly is this foreign policy experience?" Obama asked mockingly. "Was she negotiating treaties? Was she handling crises? The answer is no."
Oh, the indignity of it all! But folks relax and enjoy the show as you witness a whole lot of squirming by a bunch of worms. Lord knows Tweety has been trying for weeks to find someone, anyone who will bad-mouth Obama's choice. The most people will say is that shameless Bill must absolutely stop trying to feed the poor.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

No Time Obama

What do Bill, Al, Sarah, Zell and John McCain have in common??

It's a state of Georgia on their mind. Meanwhile, poor Obama can't seem to find the time to campaign for Dem Senate hopeful Jim Miller. Miraculously though, he's found the time to talk-it-up with the governors, Miss Sarah included, of course.

Yep, next week right after Saxby Chambliss has been safely reelected, Obama plans to drop in at the National Governor's Association meeting.


Howling Latina went to a turkey bash and a guest who works at the White House confirmed that Bush is drinking. A lot. Which means all those crazy stories in the National Enquirer were true.

Additionally, right after some Obama flack from dailykos was answering some rather lame queries from the audience this morning, she had a chance to call-in C-SPAN. It was kinna sweet to hear the kos guy (can't remember the name) parse with callers what a great candidate Hillary was for state, especially in light of the Web site's vitriol during the Democratic presidential primary race.

During the show, it looked like only Obamazoids were getting through the lines; every caller opined how horrible it was that Hillary had been selected when the brilliant Bill 'Judas' Richardon who collected the sum total of 50 votes during the primary (and that was only due to his extended family) should've gotten the nod.

Well, the howler couldn't let the world think that every Dem was still drinking the kool aid so she thanked the kos flack for his newfound agnoticism and then reprimanded previous callers for dissing the candidate who won 18 million votes during the primary and were still characterizing her expansive world experience as nothing more than tea parties abroad.

In the meantime, kos is still spewing...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lights to go Out in Georgia...

It's only a matter of time; on Dec. 2, the lights will go out in Georgia.

Yes, Democrats have a new president who could make all the difference in the Georgia Senate race run-off between Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R) and former state Rep. Jim Martin (D). But "[t]he Obama transition team has remained silent on whether the president-elect will stump in the state for Martin." Which means no Obama speechifying; no reinforcement; the poor sap has been thrown under the famous Obama bus.

The Washington Post explains:

Democratic strategists closely watching the race believe that Martin faces long odds -- despite the close poll numbers -- and even if Obama visited the state, the Democratic Senate nominee could lose. But, they also note, that Martin's only possible path to victory includes an Obama visit, which would drive excitement and intensity within the base of the party -- particularly among African Americans -- that Martin will struggle to re-create otherwise.
Hmmm, so the polls are tightening and the only path to victory is an Obama visit. That's too high a price. The Precious One must never be sullied by politics. Or at least that's what some of his followers are saying.
Dems need to get the African American vote out, but not at Mr. Obama's expense. Congressman Bishop and other Georgian African American leaders should be leading the way.
So suck it up, Georgians; too bad, so sad; here's an Obama commemorative victory plate with its own certificate of authenticity for only $19.95 to make you feel less blue -- a bargain for sure.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Proof Bush Never Quit Drinking

"Pisco Sours" for everyone, courtesy of El Presidente.

Yes indeedy, sure looks like Bush is gonna have to pick up another 24-hour chip to along with all the other ones he's picked up while traveling abroad. He just can't seem to be able to control himself.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's been confirmed by everyone on the galaxy. Hillary will indeed accept the State Department gig, which brings to mind the karmic diss of Bill 'Judas' Richardson and John 'Herman Munster' Kerry; all that ass kissing for naught.

Hmmm, dollars to a donut Hillary would've found a loftier perch for the splendid twosome. Oh well...just more of Obama's dead weight under the Express; and it couldn't have happened to a lovelier couple.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lethal Evidence Against Siegelman Prosecution

In the case of former Gov. Don Siegelman, Time via Talk Left has all the mind-boggling details Judiciary Chairman Conyers unearthed during his investigation.

If you recall, the lead prosecutor in the case was U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, Leura Canary who happily happened to be the wife of political operative scumbag William Canary who was best pals with Karl Rove.

Conyers says the evidence raises "serious questions" about the U.S. Attorney in the Siegelman case, who, documents show, continued to involve herself in the politically charged prosecution long after she had publicly withdrawn to avoid an alleged conflict of interest relating to her husband, a top GOP operative and close associate of Bush adviser Karl Rove. Conyers' letter also cites evidence of numerous contacts between jurors and members of the Siegelman prosecution team that were never disclosed to the trial judge or defense counsel.


When the House Judiciary Committee looked into the Siegelman affair earlier this year, the DOJ issued statements, placed in the Congressional Record, maintaining that the case had been handled only by career prosecutors, not political appointees, and that [U.S. Attorney Leura] Canary had recused herself in 2002, "before any significant decisions ... were made."
Siegelman was convicted of bribery and mail fraud in June 2006; and before he could wave good bye to family and friends, he was shackled and hauled off to federal prison. Now more information reveals that at least one of Canary's girls continued to "give advice to the prosecutors handling the case" in contravention to previous statements by her.

In one of Leura Canary's e-mails, dated Sept. 19, 2005, she forwarded a three-page political commentary by Siegelman to senior prosecutors on the case. Canary highlighted a single passage, which, she told her subordinates, "Ya'll need to read, because he refers to a 'survey' which allegedly shows that 67% of Alabamans believe the investigation of him to be politically motivated." Canary then suggested: "Perhaps [this is] grounds not to let [Siegelman] discuss court activities in the media!"

Prosecutors in the case seem to have followed Canary's advice. A few months later they petitioned the court to prevent Siegelman from arguing that politics had any bearing on the case against him. After trial, they persuaded the judge to use Siegelman's public statements about
political bias — like the one Canary had flagged in her e-mail — as grounds for increasing his prison sentence. The judge's action is now one target of next month's appeal.

Emptywheel has even more information; go check it out.

Finally, this is one case where kumbayas and can't we all get along won't do; it was willful misconduct of the highest order. And in cosmic justice, the judge, prosecutors and political hitmen who perpetuated this outrage need to be shackled and sent to the very same remote prison where Gov. Siegelman spent almost two years of his life to keep inmate Karl Rove company.

What's Up with Terry McAuliffe??

The blogosphere is abuzz with news that after Terry McAuliffe finishes his 'listening tour,' he will throw his hat into the ring and run for governor.

Of course the blogger boyzz are lining up behind the Virginia race just as they did when Hillary Clinton ran against Obama, which got the howler to thinking...

Since governors in Virginia can only run for one consecutive term, why is the former DNC chairman and national chairman of Hillary's presidential campaign willing to spend all his time, energy and cash to become a lame-duck governor??

Well, the howler thinks she just might know the answer. One thing is for certain; after the '10 census, the gerrymandering playing field in Virginia is going to be more levelled, which means Dems will likely control both the Senate and House -- regardless of who calls Richmond home.

Now stay with her.

In the meantime, it is just as likely as not that Sen. Jim Webb will announce his early retirement. After all, everyone knows that Webb absolutely loathed campaigning and asking strangers for money. Besides, the problems Webb wanted to fix in the Senate essentially will have been resolved by 2012.

Iraq War? Check.
GI Bill? Check
Economic Fairness? Check

Not too shabby a list of accomplishments but she digresses.

Now who would be in a commanding position to replace Webb?? Si, my little grasshoppers, the Washington insider who ran for governor and met every Virginia shaker and mover -- whether he actually won the Democratic governor's primary or not.

On the Other Hand...

It looks like Howling Latina may have gotten a little ahead of the curve with cheery thoughts of Hillary on the international scene guiding the howler's better sense of judgement.

As Cannonfire wisely counsels, perhaps Hillary should take a pass on Obama's offer after all. Why you ask? Here is one major reason for starters:

I would advise her not to take the job. Frankly, I think the country is and will remain in bad shape, regardless of who runs the zoo. If Obama's presidency fails, she will be tainted by association.

Which past Secretaries of State have improved their future political prospects? Well, there was Thomas Jefferson. And there were a few others in the first half-century of this nation's existence. But in more recent times...?

Let's put it this way: Did having the title "Secretary of State" on his resume improve Al Haig's chances of attaining the presidency? Did Colin Powell come out ahead? Who wants to vote for Condaleeza Rice for anything?
And here are a boatload more; read the entire post.

H/T Not Your Sweetie for image.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hillary and the State Department

Even though Howling Latina knew it was a done deal when the news broke that Hillary was being considered for the Secretary of State job, she was too busy to write a post. Obama's campaign was too tight-lipped throughout the campaign for something of such consequence to be recklessly leaked.

Additionally, during the campaign Hillary had specifically asked Obama to not throw her name out there as a potential vice presidential candidate unless he was absolutely certain that she would be his one and only.

CNN is now reporting that Hillary has indeed been offered the job but hasn't accepted it. Not so fast cowboy, she told Barack; she'd have to think about it for a while...

The howler thinks that there is a strong chance Hillary will indeed be Secretary of State. In fact, she thinks the deal was inked right after the primaries. Like Sarah Palin, Hillary didn't campaign for Barack like her life depended on it just to be a good foot-soldier, although with everything that's been going on lately, Hillary might've stopped to smell the roses and decided to let Obama fix the world all by his lonesome dove.

It would certainly be nice to see Hillary on the world stage where she belongs; and more importantly, it's just desserts on the menu for "Bill 'Judas' Richardson" who had his "little hear[t] set on this job!"

Obama Wants Lieberman to Remain in Democratic Caucus

Oops, sorry lefties; looks like someone else has been thrown under the bus.

H/T Oooh nuance!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Would Baby Jesus Do??

The howler is not making this up. Obama supporters are framing any controversy, such as whether or not the Senate should kick Lieberman out of the Dem caucus or at minimum strip him of his chair so he won't be able to mole around the chamber and whisper sweet little secrets in Mitch McConnell's ears, as what would Jesus, er, what would Obama do? Greenwald explains:

[K]ey Obama ally Chris Dodd last week was dispatched to announce that Obama does not want a fight over Joe Lieberman's status. Dodd informed us that the key question that should be guiding the decision-making process is: "What does Barack Obama want?" Dodd's instruction was at least slightly less deferential than the formulation used by this commenter here yesterday, who actually said -- with no irony -- that, in political controversies, we should be guided by this question: "What would Obama do?" That sentiment tracks this unbelievably creepy website which exists -- as its own banner proudly proclaims -- "to encourage supporters to always think, 'What Would Obama Do?' in their political dealings, so we, too, can create a new form of politics."
Yes we can...!! Create a more perfect union that continues the same wonderful tradition of "controversial Bush administration intelligence policies" like rendition, torture, surveillance and all the good fun stuff from the last eight years.
President-elect Barack Obama is unlikely to radically overhaul controversial Bush administration intelligence policies, advisers say, an approach that is almost certain to create tension within the Democratic Party.
You see, it seems every promise Obama made on the campaign trail is now negotiable. His presidential Web site has been scrubbed clean; and you've got no proof.

President-elect Barack Obama over the weekend scrubbed his transition Web site, deleting most of what had been a massive agenda for his first term that appears on his campaign's site.

Gone from are the promises on how an Obama administration would handle 25 agenda items — from Iraq and immigration to taxes and urban policy — which the campaign first laid out on the Web site

As The Washington Times first reported Monday morning, the official agenda on has been boiled down to one vague paragraph proclaiming a plan "to revive the economy, to fix our health care, education, and social security systems, to define a clear path to energy independence, to end the war in Iraq responsibly and finish our mission in Afghanistan, and to work with our allies to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, among many other domestic and foreign policy objectives.

Now don't nag, all you dupes who bought the pony cart on the promise of a Shetland after Election Day. Neight away and get over yourselves. Cheer the new president just like you demanded Hillary and her supporters do after her loss. And whatever you do, don't expect him to help you win a close election and ruin his pristine reputation as The Luminescent One.

Impudent Disrespect...

All that fealty to President-elect Obama did not save Howard Dean from getting the ax. The moral of the story?? Boot-licking and past devotion mean absolutely nothing to the new president.

[T]he man who Mr. Dean fought bitterly and famously with over his 50-state strategy was Representative Rahm Emanuel, the Illinois Democrat who headed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — and who Mr. Obama named last week as his chief of staff.
Look for Donna Brazille to head the DNC.

All that campaigning for President-elect Obama by Hillary was also for naught. HEALTH REFORM?? Get to the back of the bus little lady while serious boyzz by way of Ted Kennedy and Max Baucus lead the way.

After all, in the realm of things, who cares if you "headlined about three dozen rallies and fundraisers – working rope-lines [while] well-wishers often lamented [your] exit from the race"? Certainly not the new sheriff in town and his most rabid supporter in TV-land, Keith Olbermann. Chuckles and thanks for nothing to everyone.

As to all those racist female voters who supported Hillary but whose whose spine apparently weakened and provided Obama with his margin of victory in key swing states, a flip of the middle finger to you all, too.

Oh, and Hillary, forget about those campaign promises of retiring your debt. Yes, we know we badgered and threatened you all the while promising to help you with some cash, but well, that was before we won an electoral landslide and had more urgent priorities like finding a hypoallergenic puppy for First Dog and pushing for a National Barack Obama Holiday.

Yet before Howling Latina signs off, she'd like to offer another moral lesson, dear readers. The law of karma is a bitch; and the howler predicts the roosters will come to roost (to borrow a quote from Obama's former religious mentor) and the piper will come to collect what is way past due soon enough.

H/T No Quarter for the holiday scoop.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's Already Started

As a follow-up to my earlier post about making Sarah Palin a hero and creating a serious backlash, it's already started. Rasmussen reports via Think Progress that a majority of GOPes heart the gentle lassie from Alaska.

When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year — Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

Three other sitting governors – Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Charlie Crist of Florida and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota – all pull low single-digit support.

Oh dear, so let's see... Who would have the MOST to gain by spreading Palin rumors like a farmer spreading cow dung on a corn field??

For the howler's money, it's moles deep in the McCain campaign from either Mutable Mitt or The Singing Huckster. Both are just sleazy enough...

Update: Washington Whisper observes that die-hard conservatives are taking attacks on Palin very, very personally. Not a good thing for someone with Iowa and New Hampshire ambitions in '12.

Lieberman Must Go

In reading all the posts as to whether or not Lieberman should give up his chair at Homeland Security in the Senate, Howling Latina couldn't help but remember one other insider in a different administration that created more trouble than she was worth.

Anyone remember Linda Tripp and how she almost singlehandedly brought down the Clinton administration by her proximity to power...?

Go ahead and make it all real democratic. Allow committee members to express their outrage at Liberman's double-dealing ways by booting him out. Who cares if he joins the Republican party?? He knows that Republicans have absolutely no chance of regaining power in the foreseeable future; and the reelection Pied Piper of Connecticut will be calling the big rat home soon enough.

Something Stinks...

Anglachel's Journal gets it. Following Barack Obama's victory, we're all supposed to be "teary-eyed and proud of [our] country" as we bash any person who didn't buy the meme of Obama riding a bicycle on water with no-hands.

Obama won because he was the media darling...not because of his positions, his conduct, or his capabilities. He won on a tide of misogyny, homophobia and crude intimidation. He is already trying to weasel his way out of the high expectations he encouraged people to have of his ability to make things change.

I am not proud of the way in which people I previously respected in the blogosphere willingly turned themselves into caricatures of the media elite they claimed to oppose and/or who descended to the levels of the violence and paranoia of the rightwing fever swamps. This applies to those who supported Obama and those who opposed him, the poles coming to meet each other at the extremes. I am not proud of an election where someone as intelligent and humane as Jeralyn Merrit transforms herself into a facsimile of a hyena, rabidly peddling misogyny, ageism and paranoia, things she did not have to do to make a case for her candidate, or even to soundly criticize the opposition.

Indeed. After everything Howling Latina has seen this election cycle, her eyes are so dry she needs Murine Plus.

The incomparable Sumersby of Daily Howler rightfully slams Chris Matthews of "Hardball" for spending an entire show on unconfirmed rumors which when examined seem like total bullshit of the 'Al Gore claimed he invented the Internet.'

Last night, Chris Matthews clowned for the full hour about Sarah Palin, pretending that anonymous claims about her dumbness are somehow plainly accurate. He has no idea if these claims are true—but he’s pimping the world your way now. You see, he wants to run for the Senate—as a Dem.
It seems Matthews and the rest of the Boyzz at MSNBO still haven't gotten the message. It's not okay for them to spew their vile, woman-hating bombast; someone will call them to task. The not-so-happy days of gentle lassies keeping silent are OVER.

As you may recall from September, Campbell Brown of CNN bravely fought back and called a sexist spade a sexist spade. Of course the blogger boyzz fought back like the crooked sandbaggers they are. Power doesn't yield easily to anyone.

But if Fox and MSNBO keep up their misogynist attacks on Sarah Palin, they're going to make a martyr out of her. And soon every decent Republican will be contributing $$$$ to Palin's '12 presidential campaign coffers, for sure.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sarah, Oh Sarah...

Sarah, oh Sarah. It looks like you finally know the misogynist attacks poor Hillary had to endure to rise as high as she did in the Good Old Boyz Network.

No one nails the sexist outrage that's been going on since Election Day better than Tennessee Guerilla Woman.

[C]onservatives appear to be very fearful that Sarah Palin will indeed emerge as a presidential candidate in 2012, and so they are doing their best to destroy the woman before they have to compete with the bitch for a man's job.

Hello? Is that you behind the curtain of smears, Mitt Romney?

It's nice to see Campbell Brown of CNN smack down the vile and unconfirmed rumors from anonymous sources that have been characterized as the gospel truth at Fox/MSNBC -- the two-headed monster birthed during the presidential race in '08.

Fox News employs savage beasts like Carl Cameron, who reports that not only was Sarah Palin seen "wearing nothing but a towel," she also didn't know that Africa was a continent, she shopped til she dropped, and she threw "temper tantrums," just like a diva.

Worse yet, Sarah Palin is not sweet and nurturing like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. The bitch is so mean that she almost made her staff cry, according to anonymous sources reported to Fox News.

The horror. The horror. And on top of that, the bullshit.

Does any person truly believe the governor of Alaska who has a journalism degree doesn't know that Africa is a continent?? Moreoever, media pundits are wrong. North America includes more than three countries.

Earth to Chris Batwing Matthews, here's what the American Heritage Dictionary has to say on the matter of North America:
The northern continent of the Western Hemisphere, extending northward from the Colombia-Panama border and including Central America, Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean Sea, the United States, Canada, the Arctic Archipelago, and Greenland.
So who exactly is the stupid person now...?

Election Thoughts...

In thinking about the Obama election win, Howling Latina has a bag full of mixed emotions. On the one hand, yes, the new president will be a Democrat, which hopefully means the national agenda will come from the left/center gravity force field. On the other hand, the howler can't help but wonder what might've been if only the Dems had chosen the better qualified candidate as their standard bearer to the disparities of gender equality and to the promotion of women issues.

Guess it's back to the rear of the bus for a little while longer, ladies...

Poor Rick Noriega didn't make it out of Texas and Al Franken is mired in a death match recount with Norm Coleman in Minnesota. The three amigos from Miami-Dade hung onto their Congressional seats even though Obama handily won the region. And at long last Virginia will be waving goodbye to Thelma Drake in Virginia.

Indeed, one shiny beacon of light from last Tuesday is the overwhelming victory for Dems in Virginia. The Republican party in Old Dominion has been partying for a very long time and still thinks it's '99. That is, 1899.

With Obama's strong victory in Virginia, look for Gov. Tim Kaine to stick it to the Repukes with a much stronger hand than they could've even imagined last year. That's right, with Kaine's new bestest pal in the White House and a map to every Dem household in the Commonwealth, oh yeah, there's a new sheriff in town.

The Scottie Lingamfelters and Robert Marshalls of Virginia better savor their last round on the legislative circuit. After Brian Moran wins the governor's race next year and district lines are redrawn following the '10 census, the "blueing of Virginia" will be complete.

Unfortunately, it'll be too late to help the poor saps who saw their home values plummet in Prince William County because of the idiotic political shenanigans by the party who doesn't know how to govern. And yes, that's a big special shout out to you, County Chairman Corey Stewart.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Close Senate Race in Texas??

The Dallas Morning News posted a news item about the Texas Senate race and how Sen. John Cornyn was going negative at this late date against his Dem rival, Rick Noriega.

In the item, Dallas News wonders if perhaps "late polling data...has the Cornyn campaign less averse to taking off the gloves." That is, Noriega is surging.

We don't have a script and can't reach a Cornyn spokesman for comment. But in the revised, campaign-closing ad -- which is the first in which the Republican incumbent is shown in color, not black and white -- Cornyn says words to the effect, "My opponent wants higher taxes and more government spending."

The original ad, which began running last Wednesday, didn't refer to Mr. Noriega, directly or indirectly. It simply had Cornyn saying, "Too many politicians are pushing for higher taxes and more government spending."

Whether the numbers are looking good for Cornyn or Noriega, a quick look at comments show all but one supporting Noriega; here are a couple of typical sentiments.

He voted against updating the GI bill, so our soliders can go to college, buy homes, something that helped my Grandfather greatly after WWII. His reason, it would encourage people to leave the military.

Indeed, Cornyn is what is WRONG with Washington. Not only is a lap dog of W, his voting record of greed and selfishness is absolutely deplorable. VIVA NORIEGA!

He's an embarassment. Those cornpone TV ads make me want to upchuck.

Verrry interesting... With a huge Mex-American and black turnout, Texas may hold the biggest surprise of the evening. Although my daughter and son-in-law are ex-pats living in Egypt, both are still Texas residents and proudly voted for Obama and Noriega through absentee ballots a few weeks ago.

Women Are "It"

According to the Center for American Women and Politics, "Women are a majority of undecided voters in the 2008 presidential race, as they were in past elections."

Now one would think that since gender is a decisive factor in this year's presidential race (as in all others), a lassie or two might've been booked on at least one Sunday talk show before Election Day.

But as Tennessee Guerilla Women wisely observes, sadly, "[g]ender is a non story." Nothing to see behind the curtain besides a bunch of male geezers pontificating about the Bradley effect.

"There are simply not enough women in power in this cowboy country for gender to be a serious topic of discussion," she writes. Sure, "women are the majority of undecided voters. And in the battleground states, the fate of the election lies with undecided voters." But so what?

Presently, every analyst in the world has declared Obama the winner; and with the carnage of the last eight years, is anyone really surprised? But lordy, lordy, lordy, should Obama lose, can't wait for the recrimination and blame game to start; and how it's all Hillary's fault for not quitting earlier; and damn her Bible-clinging racist supporters.

Well, let it be said here and now that Howling Latina will hold her nose and vote for Obama; however, if he loses, she won't shed a single tear. By the way, she did not volunteer one single minute of her time or contribute one single penny to the Obama campaign. She's quite proud of that fact.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Keith Olbermann is a Pompous Idiot

In watching Keith Olbermann tonight and his response to the "Saturday Night Live" skit, the overpaid bloviator reminded Howling Latina of a aged beauty queen wannabe who diets for weeks on end and then purports to be indifferent to the whole thing as she boastfully exhibits the well-worn pictures from the pageant circuitry to anyone within a spitball's distance.

Thus tonight viewers of "Countdown" were treated to Ben Affleck's dead-on impersonation of Olby on SNL. Over and over and over again.

The choicest part in the whole show, though came a bit later. Olby had the hard balls to ask one of his guests if perhaps Barky might not have benefitted from the hard-fought campaign with Hillary during the Democratic primary. This is the same imbecile of the second order who skewered Hillary for having the audacious cheek to remain in the presidential race and insist on seeing every Democratic voter weigh in. She inconveniently reminded folks like, oh, Olby and his ilk that no, she wasn't going anywhere just yet and by the way wasn't Bobby Kennedy still in the Democratic race in early June as was his right before his life was cut short?

Psss, Keith, should Barky win the presidential election, yes, the very first thing he should do is get on his hands and knees and thank Mountain Mama for knocking out "any stiffness" and "testing his ground organization" while making him actually work for something instead of dropping out like you demanded in your Unspecial Comment in March and May.

It's exactly as Chris Kofinis, former political adviser to Sen. John Edwards said. Hillary made Obama a better candidate, more aggressive and along the way, she helped the Democratic party brand.

Of course right on time is a column by Richard Cohen of Washington Post. Echoing Hillary's sentiment on the importance of LBJ in advancing civil rights for blacks, Cohen reminds readers that LBJ paved the way. Let's see you do a special comment on that one, Keith.

And by the way Olby, love the way you like to pair your ratings with Rachel's show to demonstrate how much more popular you are than poor O'Reilly. As a point of fact, Keith, Rachel has been regularly beating both of you, and she's only been on prime-time for two months, you overwheening, sexist pig!!!

Ranting "Keith"

Saturday, November 01, 2008

What is Norm Coleman running from?

Cut and run, literally...

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