Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kaine To End Gun Loophole...?

Wow, WJLA - ABC 7 News is on a roll!

Tonight they report that Gov. Tim Kaine has said he "may have the authority to close the loophole that allowed a mentally disturbed Virginia Tech student to get the guns he used to kill 32 classmates and faculty last week."

During a WTOP radio interview, Kaine told listeners that he "might be [able] to use an executive order to make changes in how courts report to a background check database when someone is found to have mental problems."

That's right; no needed go-ahead from the trigger happy Virginia General Assembly in Richmond. Now let's see the wingbats try to rail against that ONE!

Also on the radio interview was retired Virginia State Police Superintendent Gerald Massengill, whom Kaine appointed to head the review commission.

Massengill said Cho should not have been able to buy a gun. He said he and Kaine decided to "take an expedited look at" the flaw in the system.

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