Sunday, April 01, 2007

Worst of the Worst - Part Deux

One of the venal terrorist from Guantanamo has been brought to justice. America can now collectively breathe a sigh of relief.

David Hicks was tried and found guilty by the war crimes tribunal in Guantanamo and sentenced to seven years in prison. Oh but wait, the sentence was later reduced under a plea agreement to nine months.

Well, here are some thoughts from Devilstower of DailyKos on the plea agreement and what it could mean:

What kind of deal had Hicks made? Did he offer to provide the names of hidden terrorists in the United States? Did he reveal Osama's secret hiding place? Did he help foil one of those vaguely-defined plots Bush is always alluding to?

Just what could a man who supposedly was involved in plotting attacks against the west both with the Taliban and al Qaeda have to offer? His silence.
Of course...

Under the plea agreement Hicks has to keep his trap shut for at least 12 months, the New York Times reports.

[T]o some in the courtroom, the proceedings proved only that the system was rigged [and] the only way out of Guantánamo was to give the prosecutors what they wanted...Hicks plead guilty [and] signed a plea bargain in which he recanted his accusations about being abused in detention and promised not to speak to reporters for a year.

In the courtroom, the military judge had Mr. Hicks acknowledge each of the contentious provision of his deal. Mr. Hicks, the judge read, agreed that he had “never been illegally treated” while in American captivity, including “through the entire period of your detention by the United States at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.” Mr. Hicks agreed to that statement.

Yes sir, boss man. Anything to get me out of this hell hole. Of course, that doesn't commit his Australian lawyer from telling the truth once Mr. Hicks safely arrives home. He was quoted voicing his opinion on what Hicks might be thinking about this sordid ghastly affair:
“He says that if he is the worst of the worst, and the person who should be put before a military commission first,” Mr. McLeod said, “then the world really hasn’t got much to worry about.”

Under the terms of his release, Hicks must never profit from his story; and if he ever decides to write a book, the profits must go to the Australian government.

But oh hell, Howling Latina can see a loophole as wide as the Pacific Ocean on these transparent restrictions that are meant to silence history. The gag order ain't on mom, sis or Uncle Lawyer, right?!? Besides, it looks like the foreign press already knows exactly what the scoop on this piece of poop is, even in Australia.

Shut your trap!
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