Tuesday, April 24, 2007

At Long Last...Feeney Under FBI Radar Screen

At long last, Republican Rep. Tom Feeney of Florida has come under the FBI radar screen.

Lest you don't know who Feeney is, Brad Blog helpfully notes that Feeney was one of the three GOP congressmen who went on "golf junkets with Abramoff to St. Andrews, Scotland. " Of course, the other two have already been indicted with one serving hard-time in the federal penitentiary.

The St. Petersburg Times now reports that the FBI has a few questions for the corrupt congressman. And yes, although the FBI has refused to confirm that Feeney is under federal investigation, "federal agents...have asked the St. Petersburg Times for an e-mail sent to the newspaper by Feeney's office describing a golfing trip the congressman took with Abramoff to Scotland in 2003."

The FBI contacted the Times last week to ask for the February 2006 e-mail that Feeney's then chief of staff Jason Roe wrote to the newspaper in response to a series of questions about interactions between Feeney and Abramoff. The Times has referred the FBI's request to its attorney.

The Orlando Sentinel also was contacted by the FBI requesting another e-mail from Roe, a spokesperson for that newspaper said.

Oh dear, looks like the FBI wants to talk to a whole slew of folks about someone. Feeney is spinning the story as the FBI simply doing their job and crossing every "T" and dotting every "I." Nothing to find behind the curtain; they'll soon be moving on.

Feeney also happens to be the very same thug who asked programmer Clint Curtis of Yang Enterprises, Inc. (YEI) to rig voting machines in 2000 so the preferred candidate could always win in Florida. Feeney at one time was a registered lobbyist for YEI.

Like butter, the law of karma just keeps on churning...

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