Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh yea, Cuccinelli is Cracking...

Howling Latina received word that the Senate voted to uphold Gov. Tim Kaine's veto of the triggerman rule.

Voting to uphold the veto is none other than wingnut Ken Cuccinelli. My, oh my, he must really be worried about the upcoming election.

Also voting to uphold the veto was Republican Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis and Democratic Sens. Chuck Colgan, John S. Edwards, Janet Howell, Bennie Lambert, Mamie Locke, Louise Lucas, Henry Marsh, Toddy Puller, Richard Saslaw, Patricia Ticer and Mary Margaret Whipple. Sen. Russ Potts abstained.

Perhaps Creigh Deeds voted with the rest of the Republicans because his vote wasn't really needed. He was quoted as mulling over the choice of supporting the governor.

Meantime back at the howling ranch, he can forget about HL going out of her way to support him in any future statewide election.

Classic anti-Death Penalty supporter. Because a guy happens to disagree with you on something, you are completely willing to ignore everything else.

Jim Webb said during the primary that the "Death penalty should be used, including intentional cases, but be VERY careful in cases of crime for passion. Crimes for hire - death penalty is easily appropriate." So Jim Webb supports the Death Penalty, but only in heinous cases and it must be used carefully.

Jim Webb is pro-Death Penalty. I'm expecting you to denounce him as well. As well as Mark Warner, who executed 13 people while Governor, and only hesitated on one.

I'm just saying, I think you may be overreacting. Maybe you should take a look at some of Creigh's other issues, as you have done for Warner and Webb.
Naw, she's not overreacting. Deeds is an extremely conservative democrat.
What's your condition of extremely conservative? Because I'm afraid that your definition may include every Democrat west of Richmond!
dannyboy, if the political frame fits, then you must not acquit and give a pass.

That's the problem with Virginia Democrats. They were too like the GOPers. And as people say of the two parties, when you have a chance to vote for the real uber-conservative, why vote for the other guy?!?

Virginia is trending purple with Independents of the progressive mind-set. And that includes opposition to the death penalty when the alternative is life in prison with parole!

Got it?!?
Oops, I meant WITHOUT parole.
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