Saturday, April 28, 2007

So What the Hell is Congress Going To Do About It...?

Howling Latina has been glued to her computer reading everything she can about Attorney-gate. And...she has finally concluded that there is only one thing to do: change the law.

Yes, she keeps reading about how a little amendment was added to the Patriot Act that allows the president to appoint interim U.S. attorneys that are party loyalist and "gum" the issue to death...or at least until '09. But why hasn't Congress already passed a law to void this...?

Although U.S. attorneys may serve at the pleasure of the president, a law should be passed that states you cannot fire a U.S. attorney while he or she is in the middle of a sensitive investigation of a public official unless it's for cause or their terms are expiring. And an interim appointment can only be for a limited period of time, like 60 days.

Unless Democrats act, chances are that after all is said and done, Rove, Cheney, Bush and Gonzales will walk out of the White House hand-in-hand as the president waves to the crowd and sticks his middle finger to America and the press.

It's real elementary, folks. Congress needs to do something besides have little hearings where administration officials suddenly get amnesia and can't recall crap. How about doing a little legislating and changing the law?!?

NOW--rather than later.

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