Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dowd. Russert & Matthews - Busted

Ever since the Edwards haircut flap, fueled all the more by Queen Maureen of the New York Times, Howling Latina has been trying to figure out what was so terribly and horribly unjust about the characterization of Edwards as a fraud.

Happily, Digby of Hullabaloo has nailed it.

It's the media ethos of the Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and Maureen Dowd archetypes that totally drive HL bonkers. And their insistence that they're regular guys who just happen to know what we should think, feel and like. And how their punditry is as pure as their media driven snow. Whoever they decide is a phony outsider not worthy of their snooty milieux deserves our unadulterated wrath forever more.
Russert's insistence that he is just a "blue collar guy" is reminiscent of many other of these millionaire news celebrities who like to play the part of some sort of middle American everyman (or everywoman)for their audience. Maureen Dowd is one of the worst, as well as the unctuous Cokie Roberts and the 1950's sit-com Dad wannabe, Chris Matthews. In fact, it is an extremely common trait among the DC courtiers. They truly seem to believe they are just regular guys --- and therefore, their concerns are the same as regular Americans. Only, you know, they aren't.
Which brings to full circle the "the recent absurdity of Maureen Dowd condemning Edwards for his expensive haircut because her cop-Dad used to get his cut by a barber --- as if the rich celebrity Dowd is just a working class gal herself."
It's certainly not a problem for rich people to advocate for the poor or the middle class as Edwards, Kennedy, Roosevelt and millions of other wealthy progressives have done in our history. But trying to pretend that you are poor or middle class yourself ("just a blue collar guy from Buffalo") from the podia of your own TV shows (or your fabulous summer home in Nantucket)is just plain insulting.
Amen, Brother Digby. The same point HL lamely tried to make earlier this week.

Who the hell says you have to be poor to feel the pain of their plight? AND...who the hell named media elites judge, juror and executioner of thought?!?

Update: Matthews was just slammed by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a Carter/ Tip O'Neill liberal Democrat. Poor Chris...all that sucking up to GOPers for naught.

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