Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fred Hiatt Slammed...As He Should Be...

Although undoubtedly there are worst media pimps than Fred Hiatt when it came to soliciting customers to sign on to the Iraq War, Howling Latina is glad to see that he is finally reaping the contempt he so richly deserved for his shameless plugging of the war. .

It's been a long time a-coming.

That's right, thanks to Washington City Paper, we have learned that Colbert King gave Hiatt his comeuppance with a few unkind words as he waved 'adios' to the Post.

King recently retired from his editorial writing duties, while keeping his regular op-ed column.

In a farewell memo, King lectured his fellow opinion writers about various alleged problems on the Post editorial page. The paper’s editorials, King suggested, were "resorting to sophomoric language”; some editorial writers were too cowardly to voice their opinions in meetings; and the page was practicing a double standard on race, using different language when dealing with black and white leaders in the Washington region.

The bombshell, though, drove at the very heart of editorial boarding: King implied that a single member had run away with the page. “Editorials simply must not be used to advance one individual’s causes or views,” read the memo.

Now boys and girls, who might that one unitary member be?!? It just so happens that Fred Hiatt is the editorial page editor at the Washington Post.
This particular slam, say sources, stemmed from King’s frustrations with the board’s position on the Iraq war—a position that King has criticized in his guise as an op-ed columnist. The memo seems to suggest that if only weak-kneed board members would speak up, the Post could end its pro-war tilt on Iraq. “The board…needs to think through its position on Iraq, encouraging a full expression of views,” wrote King.
Jolly, jolly. HL can hardly wait for Bill Moyers to do his thing next Wednesday on PBS. He's got a very special program, "Buying the War" that should send shivers to all the good folks that unloaded the pack of lies and jive that have cost so much treasure to us all.

Hiatt is an asshole.
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