Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Impudent Disrespect...

All that fealty to President-elect Obama did not save Howard Dean from getting the ax. The moral of the story?? Boot-licking and past devotion mean absolutely nothing to the new president.

[T]he man who Mr. Dean fought bitterly and famously with over his 50-state strategy was Representative Rahm Emanuel, the Illinois Democrat who headed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — and who Mr. Obama named last week as his chief of staff.
Look for Donna Brazille to head the DNC.

All that campaigning for President-elect Obama by Hillary was also for naught. HEALTH REFORM?? Get to the back of the bus little lady while serious boyzz by way of Ted Kennedy and Max Baucus lead the way.

After all, in the realm of things, who cares if you "headlined about three dozen rallies and fundraisers – working rope-lines [while] well-wishers often lamented [your] exit from the race"? Certainly not the new sheriff in town and his most rabid supporter in TV-land, Keith Olbermann. Chuckles and thanks for nothing to everyone.

As to all those racist female voters who supported Hillary but whose whose spine apparently weakened and provided Obama with his margin of victory in key swing states, a flip of the middle finger to you all, too.

Oh, and Hillary, forget about those campaign promises of retiring your debt. Yes, we know we badgered and threatened you all the while promising to help you with some cash, but well, that was before we won an electoral landslide and had more urgent priorities like finding a hypoallergenic puppy for First Dog and pushing for a National Barack Obama Holiday.

Yet before Howling Latina signs off, she'd like to offer another moral lesson, dear readers. The law of karma is a bitch; and the howler predicts the roosters will come to roost (to borrow a quote from Obama's former religious mentor) and the piper will come to collect what is way past due soon enough.

H/T No Quarter for the holiday scoop.

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