Monday, November 03, 2008

Keith Olbermann is a Pompous Idiot

In watching Keith Olbermann tonight and his response to the "Saturday Night Live" skit, the overpaid bloviator reminded Howling Latina of a aged beauty queen wannabe who diets for weeks on end and then purports to be indifferent to the whole thing as she boastfully exhibits the well-worn pictures from the pageant circuitry to anyone within a spitball's distance.

Thus tonight viewers of "Countdown" were treated to Ben Affleck's dead-on impersonation of Olby on SNL. Over and over and over again.

The choicest part in the whole show, though came a bit later. Olby had the hard balls to ask one of his guests if perhaps Barky might not have benefitted from the hard-fought campaign with Hillary during the Democratic primary. This is the same imbecile of the second order who skewered Hillary for having the audacious cheek to remain in the presidential race and insist on seeing every Democratic voter weigh in. She inconveniently reminded folks like, oh, Olby and his ilk that no, she wasn't going anywhere just yet and by the way wasn't Bobby Kennedy still in the Democratic race in early June as was his right before his life was cut short?

Psss, Keith, should Barky win the presidential election, yes, the very first thing he should do is get on his hands and knees and thank Mountain Mama for knocking out "any stiffness" and "testing his ground organization" while making him actually work for something instead of dropping out like you demanded in your Unspecial Comment in March and May.

It's exactly as Chris Kofinis, former political adviser to Sen. John Edwards said. Hillary made Obama a better candidate, more aggressive and along the way, she helped the Democratic party brand.

Of course right on time is a column by Richard Cohen of Washington Post. Echoing Hillary's sentiment on the importance of LBJ in advancing civil rights for blacks, Cohen reminds readers that LBJ paved the way. Let's see you do a special comment on that one, Keith.

And by the way Olby, love the way you like to pair your ratings with Rachel's show to demonstrate how much more popular you are than poor O'Reilly. As a point of fact, Keith, Rachel has been regularly beating both of you, and she's only been on prime-time for two months, you overwheening, sexist pig!!!

Ha! I Google'd "Olbermann is an idiot", and not only did I get a witty editorial on Olbermann's incompetence, I got one as told by a howling Latina.... Sexy. Haha. Awesome post.
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