Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lieberman Must Go

In reading all the posts as to whether or not Lieberman should give up his chair at Homeland Security in the Senate, Howling Latina couldn't help but remember one other insider in a different administration that created more trouble than she was worth.

Anyone remember Linda Tripp and how she almost singlehandedly brought down the Clinton administration by her proximity to power...?

Go ahead and make it all real democratic. Allow committee members to express their outrage at Liberman's double-dealing ways by booting him out. Who cares if he joins the Republican party?? He knows that Republicans have absolutely no chance of regaining power in the foreseeable future; and the reelection Pied Piper of Connecticut will be calling the big rat home soon enough.

The Senate Democrats should kick J.J. to the curb, and Obama should tap him as U.S. ambassador to Israel.
Ooh, I like the way you think.~.~
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