Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Close Senate Race in Texas??

The Dallas Morning News posted a news item about the Texas Senate race and how Sen. John Cornyn was going negative at this late date against his Dem rival, Rick Noriega.

In the item, Dallas News wonders if perhaps "late polling data...has the Cornyn campaign less averse to taking off the gloves." That is, Noriega is surging.

We don't have a script and can't reach a Cornyn spokesman for comment. But in the revised, campaign-closing ad -- which is the first in which the Republican incumbent is shown in color, not black and white -- Cornyn says words to the effect, "My opponent wants higher taxes and more government spending."

The original ad, which began running last Wednesday, didn't refer to Mr. Noriega, directly or indirectly. It simply had Cornyn saying, "Too many politicians are pushing for higher taxes and more government spending."

Whether the numbers are looking good for Cornyn or Noriega, a quick look at comments show all but one supporting Noriega; here are a couple of typical sentiments.

He voted against updating the GI bill, so our soliders can go to college, buy homes, something that helped my Grandfather greatly after WWII. His reason, it would encourage people to leave the military.

Indeed, Cornyn is what is WRONG with Washington. Not only is a lap dog of W, his voting record of greed and selfishness is absolutely deplorable. VIVA NORIEGA!

He's an embarassment. Those cornpone TV ads make me want to upchuck.

Verrry interesting... With a huge Mex-American and black turnout, Texas may hold the biggest surprise of the evening. Although my daughter and son-in-law are ex-pats living in Egypt, both are still Texas residents and proudly voted for Obama and Noriega through absentee ballots a few weeks ago.

It's not close at all....
What a shame. It just goes to prove the best man doesn't always win.
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