Friday, November 14, 2008

Hillary and the State Department

Even though Howling Latina knew it was a done deal when the news broke that Hillary was being considered for the Secretary of State job, she was too busy to write a post. Obama's campaign was too tight-lipped throughout the campaign for something of such consequence to be recklessly leaked.

Additionally, during the campaign Hillary had specifically asked Obama to not throw her name out there as a potential vice presidential candidate unless he was absolutely certain that she would be his one and only.

CNN is now reporting that Hillary has indeed been offered the job but hasn't accepted it. Not so fast cowboy, she told Barack; she'd have to think about it for a while...

The howler thinks that there is a strong chance Hillary will indeed be Secretary of State. In fact, she thinks the deal was inked right after the primaries. Like Sarah Palin, Hillary didn't campaign for Barack like her life depended on it just to be a good foot-soldier, although with everything that's been going on lately, Hillary might've stopped to smell the roses and decided to let Obama fix the world all by his lonesome dove.

It would certainly be nice to see Hillary on the world stage where she belongs; and more importantly, it's just desserts on the menu for "Bill 'Judas' Richardson" who had his "little hear[t] set on this job!"

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