Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's Up with Terry McAuliffe??

The blogosphere is abuzz with news that after Terry McAuliffe finishes his 'listening tour,' he will throw his hat into the ring and run for governor.

Of course the blogger boyzz are lining up behind the Virginia race just as they did when Hillary Clinton ran against Obama, which got the howler to thinking...

Since governors in Virginia can only run for one consecutive term, why is the former DNC chairman and national chairman of Hillary's presidential campaign willing to spend all his time, energy and cash to become a lame-duck governor??

Well, the howler thinks she just might know the answer. One thing is for certain; after the '10 census, the gerrymandering playing field in Virginia is going to be more levelled, which means Dems will likely control both the Senate and House -- regardless of who calls Richmond home.

Now stay with her.

In the meantime, it is just as likely as not that Sen. Jim Webb will announce his early retirement. After all, everyone knows that Webb absolutely loathed campaigning and asking strangers for money. Besides, the problems Webb wanted to fix in the Senate essentially will have been resolved by 2012.

Iraq War? Check.
GI Bill? Check
Economic Fairness? Check

Not too shabby a list of accomplishments but she digresses.

Now who would be in a commanding position to replace Webb?? Si, my little grasshoppers, the Washington insider who ran for governor and met every Virginia shaker and mover -- whether he actually won the Democratic governor's primary or not.

You think Jim Webb will actually retire soon. That would be sad.
I agree. There is no one smarter than Webb. I'm an absolute fan. Yet...I've always had the strong feeling that Webb will be a one-term senator and choose to not run for reelection.
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