Saturday, November 29, 2008


Howling Latina went to a turkey bash and a guest who works at the White House confirmed that Bush is drinking. A lot. Which means all those crazy stories in the National Enquirer were true.

Additionally, right after some Obama flack from dailykos was answering some rather lame queries from the audience this morning, she had a chance to call-in C-SPAN. It was kinna sweet to hear the kos guy (can't remember the name) parse with callers what a great candidate Hillary was for state, especially in light of the Web site's vitriol during the Democratic presidential primary race.

During the show, it looked like only Obamazoids were getting through the lines; every caller opined how horrible it was that Hillary had been selected when the brilliant Bill 'Judas' Richardon who collected the sum total of 50 votes during the primary (and that was only due to his extended family) should've gotten the nod.

Well, the howler couldn't let the world think that every Dem was still drinking the kool aid so she thanked the kos flack for his newfound agnoticism and then reprimanded previous callers for dissing the candidate who won 18 million votes during the primary and were still characterizing her expansive world experience as nothing more than tea parties abroad.

In the meantime, kos is still spewing...

Kos would've work for Hitler if Hitler would have been for Obama and hated Hillary.

Dumasses? How about Nazis?
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