Thursday, November 06, 2008

Election Thoughts...

In thinking about the Obama election win, Howling Latina has a bag full of mixed emotions. On the one hand, yes, the new president will be a Democrat, which hopefully means the national agenda will come from the left/center gravity force field. On the other hand, the howler can't help but wonder what might've been if only the Dems had chosen the better qualified candidate as their standard bearer to the disparities of gender equality and to the promotion of women issues.

Guess it's back to the rear of the bus for a little while longer, ladies...

Poor Rick Noriega didn't make it out of Texas and Al Franken is mired in a death match recount with Norm Coleman in Minnesota. The three amigos from Miami-Dade hung onto their Congressional seats even though Obama handily won the region. And at long last Virginia will be waving goodbye to Thelma Drake in Virginia.

Indeed, one shiny beacon of light from last Tuesday is the overwhelming victory for Dems in Virginia. The Republican party in Old Dominion has been partying for a very long time and still thinks it's '99. That is, 1899.

With Obama's strong victory in Virginia, look for Gov. Tim Kaine to stick it to the Repukes with a much stronger hand than they could've even imagined last year. That's right, with Kaine's new bestest pal in the White House and a map to every Dem household in the Commonwealth, oh yeah, there's a new sheriff in town.

The Scottie Lingamfelters and Robert Marshalls of Virginia better savor their last round on the legislative circuit. After Brian Moran wins the governor's race next year and district lines are redrawn following the '10 census, the "blueing of Virginia" will be complete.

Unfortunately, it'll be too late to help the poor saps who saw their home values plummet in Prince William County because of the idiotic political shenanigans by the party who doesn't know how to govern. And yes, that's a big special shout out to you, County Chairman Corey Stewart.

Did you mean Brian Moran?
You may find this NYT Op-Ed interesting, especially the connection drawn between advancements for women tied to advancements for African-Americans (including the warning to Obama that he ignores women's issues at his own peril--women elected him President).
Helps to include the link...
Rick won all the Metropolitan areas and South Texas pretty convincingly. The Obama campaign was pulling volunteers out of TX to go elsewhere, and there was not a lot of national money because of the perception that TX is red. It isn't--it is and pretty blue, depending on geography.

We had a monster turnout in the primaries, and then no followup after--if I were marketing a business, I would come to Texas! Los of market to grow as D's!!
Melissa, Hillary would've never done that.
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