Saturday, November 08, 2008

Something Stinks...

Anglachel's Journal gets it. Following Barack Obama's victory, we're all supposed to be "teary-eyed and proud of [our] country" as we bash any person who didn't buy the meme of Obama riding a bicycle on water with no-hands.

Obama won because he was the media darling...not because of his positions, his conduct, or his capabilities. He won on a tide of misogyny, homophobia and crude intimidation. He is already trying to weasel his way out of the high expectations he encouraged people to have of his ability to make things change.

I am not proud of the way in which people I previously respected in the blogosphere willingly turned themselves into caricatures of the media elite they claimed to oppose and/or who descended to the levels of the violence and paranoia of the rightwing fever swamps. This applies to those who supported Obama and those who opposed him, the poles coming to meet each other at the extremes. I am not proud of an election where someone as intelligent and humane as Jeralyn Merrit transforms herself into a facsimile of a hyena, rabidly peddling misogyny, ageism and paranoia, things she did not have to do to make a case for her candidate, or even to soundly criticize the opposition.

Indeed. After everything Howling Latina has seen this election cycle, her eyes are so dry she needs Murine Plus.

The incomparable Sumersby of Daily Howler rightfully slams Chris Matthews of "Hardball" for spending an entire show on unconfirmed rumors which when examined seem like total bullshit of the 'Al Gore claimed he invented the Internet.'

Last night, Chris Matthews clowned for the full hour about Sarah Palin, pretending that anonymous claims about her dumbness are somehow plainly accurate. He has no idea if these claims are true—but he’s pimping the world your way now. You see, he wants to run for the Senate—as a Dem.
It seems Matthews and the rest of the Boyzz at MSNBO still haven't gotten the message. It's not okay for them to spew their vile, woman-hating bombast; someone will call them to task. The not-so-happy days of gentle lassies keeping silent are OVER.

As you may recall from September, Campbell Brown of CNN bravely fought back and called a sexist spade a sexist spade. Of course the blogger boyzz fought back like the crooked sandbaggers they are. Power doesn't yield easily to anyone.

But if Fox and MSNBO keep up their misogynist attacks on Sarah Palin, they're going to make a martyr out of her. And soon every decent Republican will be contributing $$$$ to Palin's '12 presidential campaign coffers, for sure.

Lordy, one can only hope the Republicans start throwing all their money at Sarah. If they'd only funded Dan Quayle the same way, history would have unfolded so differently. Riiiiiight.

Jeralyn and others bashed McCain-Palin because they didn't want them to win. Democrats finally decided 2008 was a year to unapologetically drop a piano on the Filthy Republicans...and we won.
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