Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lights to go Out in Georgia...

It's only a matter of time; on Dec. 2, the lights will go out in Georgia.

Yes, Democrats have a new president who could make all the difference in the Georgia Senate race run-off between Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R) and former state Rep. Jim Martin (D). But "[t]he Obama transition team has remained silent on whether the president-elect will stump in the state for Martin." Which means no Obama speechifying; no reinforcement; the poor sap has been thrown under the famous Obama bus.

The Washington Post explains:

Democratic strategists closely watching the race believe that Martin faces long odds -- despite the close poll numbers -- and even if Obama visited the state, the Democratic Senate nominee could lose. But, they also note, that Martin's only possible path to victory includes an Obama visit, which would drive excitement and intensity within the base of the party -- particularly among African Americans -- that Martin will struggle to re-create otherwise.
Hmmm, so the polls are tightening and the only path to victory is an Obama visit. That's too high a price. The Precious One must never be sullied by politics. Or at least that's what some of his followers are saying.
Dems need to get the African American vote out, but not at Mr. Obama's expense. Congressman Bishop and other Georgian African American leaders should be leading the way.
So suck it up, Georgians; too bad, so sad; here's an Obama commemorative victory plate with its own certificate of authenticity for only $19.95 to make you feel less blue -- a bargain for sure.

I want to wish you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving.
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