Saturday, November 15, 2008

On the Other Hand...

It looks like Howling Latina may have gotten a little ahead of the curve with cheery thoughts of Hillary on the international scene guiding the howler's better sense of judgement.

As Cannonfire wisely counsels, perhaps Hillary should take a pass on Obama's offer after all. Why you ask? Here is one major reason for starters:

I would advise her not to take the job. Frankly, I think the country is and will remain in bad shape, regardless of who runs the zoo. If Obama's presidency fails, she will be tainted by association.

Which past Secretaries of State have improved their future political prospects? Well, there was Thomas Jefferson. And there were a few others in the first half-century of this nation's existence. But in more recent times...?

Let's put it this way: Did having the title "Secretary of State" on his resume improve Al Haig's chances of attaining the presidency? Did Colin Powell come out ahead? Who wants to vote for Condaleeza Rice for anything?
And here are a boatload more; read the entire post.

H/T Not Your Sweetie for image.

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