Thursday, April 27, 2006

George Allen Racist Story Goes Mainstream

Howling Latina has been beating the George Allen racist drum for a while; and as contributing writer for The Virginia Progressive, Allen was profiled as the GOP Bastard of the Month; so I am glad to see that the 'Allen Racist' story will soon go mainstream.

Raw Story posted a link to Taegan Goddard's Political Wire in advance of the soon-to-be released racist past of Sen. George Allen in a feature story by the New Republic.

[A]uthor Ryan Lizza finds many of Allen's high school classmates surprised that he's considering running for president because of the racist tendencies he displayed as a teenager. They say he "plastered the school with confederate flags" and drove a red Mustang with a confederate flag on the front. Then Lizza got a copy of Allen's high school yearbook:

I stared closely at Allen’s smirk in his photo, weighing whether his old classmates were just out to destroy him. And then I noticed something on his collar. It’s hard to make out, but then it becomes obvious. Seventeen-year-old George Allen is wearing a Confederate flag pin.

When confronted with this evidence, Allen sent an email through an aide with this explanation: "When I was in high school in California, I generally bucked authority and the rebel flag was just a way to express that attitude.”

The legitimate heirs of the Old South could righteously argue that the Confederate flag is simply a symbol of their heritage, but guess what folks? Allen ain't Southern; and he sure as the dickens wasn't Southern when he lived as a teen in the beachy estates of Southern California.

From my perch, Allen's ugly racist past is rearing its foul head for voters to see; and then hopefully news wires and our feckless Virginia media will pick up the story after it's safe to write about it; that is, someone with courage has already given voice to Allen's hateful, intolerant, bigoted history.

I just hope Jim Webb can beat this Neandrathal in November. Allen is a pig. He used to have a noose hanging outside of his law office and a confederate flag inside. Still has the flag in his senate office.
What a racist bastard trying to backtrack from his offensive comments towards a man of of Indian descent. I guess he thinks anyone with dark skin, is black, and a monkey.
for real - vote webb - leave this asshole alone. racist prick
I find it ironic that you have a picture of the KKK on your blog calling Sen. Allen a racist when it's your party (the Democraps) who have the only member of the KKK in the Senate (Sen. Robert Byrd). Doesn't seem to bother any member of your party - even you. Did you see Jane Hamsher - a huge Lamont supporter - photoshop blackface on Sen. Lieberman on her website? And why didn't any of you say anything when Oreo cookies were thrown at Lt. Gov. Michael Steele? Either you're just blatently hypocritical or woefully uninformed. My guess is that you're just an idiot.
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