Monday, April 10, 2006

Another Inspired Cliché from George Allen

As fate would have it, Howling Latina can answer the call by Raising Kaine to add more hackneyed sloganeering from Sen. George "Gomer Pyle" Allen.

Over the weekend, the Associated Pres via Myrtle BeachOnline and The reported of cheering crowds and rousing words from Allen during his keynote speech at the state party convention in South Carolina.

Our man-about-the-country was very successful in currying favor with the local denizens. First, he friendly reminded the crowd that his dear sweet Susie (his wife) had gone to school at the University of South Carolina only a stone throw away from the convention center; and that his bestest of pal and former mentor while governor of Virginia was none other than Carroll Campbell, the former governor of South Carolina who in December dearly departed.

Why, there ain't a state in the union Allen can't claim as his own.

George Allen, a Virginia Republican weighing a 2008 run for the White House, vowed delegates to the annual South Carolina GOP convention here Saturday with some old-fashioned fire and brimstone.

“It’s time to put the pedal to the metal,” the first-term U.S. senator told some 1, 200 delegates and alternates at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

Oh such inspiration! He's a cowboy; a race car champion; a sports hero; a brave soldier, er, strike that last one.

Certainly no one would ever deny Allen his full due for taking his own advice; he's probably on his third or fourth transmission with all of that exhaustive traveling. And yet....barely a minute to barrel down the roads of Virginia and visit with the folks.

"I think he would make us a fine president," proclaimed a delegate.

Well, hate to break it to the poor goober, but first Allen has to get reelected in Virginia.

One very important side note: Seems not every Republican in the Palmetto state supports Bush's immigration policy or his Iraqi War.

Three delegates were asked to leave the convention hall because of signs supporting tougher controls on illegal immigrants, but they stayed.

"I'm sick and tired of the Republican Party and the Democrats both selling us out for
cheap votes and corporations," said Jim Aldridge, a former Marine sergeant and Korean War veteran from Anderson, who carried a sign protesting plans to give
more rights to illegal immigrants. He had other beefs with the current

"I'm concerned about (President) Bush getting us in that stupid war" in Iraq, Aldridge said.

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