Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why George Allen is Evil

Yes, evil. Just as he watched his football coach father as a child trade an entire team's future to "win now," Sen. George Allen will say anything to win re-election in Virginia. The hell with future consequences. Win today, BABY!

Who can forget his venal campaign for governor as the tougher-than nails candidate with facile answers to the Willie Horton hysteria? Yes, his calling card was his synister campaign pledge to end parole with his "truth in sentencing" bullshit slogan.

Well, Allen is at it again with another wedge issue. This time he hopes to garner the Republican presidential spot by trashing illegals. Of course, Mr. Law-and-Order surely never hired an illegal to do babysitting, lawn cutting, tree pruning or laundry. Of course not.

The New York Times reports Allen spoke at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Nashville.

Senator George Allen of Virginia went from noting his support of Mr. Bush's tax cuts to calling for tough immigration controls that stood in obvious contrast to Mr. Bush's efforts to permit some illegal immigrants to work in the United States.

"Let's just say this: the president's position on all of this is not all that clear," Mr. Allen said after delivering his speech. "I want to be plain and clear: what we need to do is secure our borders."

For all you would-be Harris Miller suporters; are you willing to risk a senate seat loss if Webb is the guy who can wipe the smirk off Allen's face?!?

Hey H.L.:

Sorry about having to contact you in this rather awkward way, but I'd like you to guest blog for me on the third anniversary of the War in Iraq.

I run a small blog called Kiko's House ( ). I stumbled on your blog this morning and like it and your edgy views a lot. Good stuff.

I'm asking readers of my blog and others in the know to comment on the following on the third anniversary of the war in Iraq:

How has the war changed the U.S.?

I'd love for you to put together a few well chosen words. Contact me at

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