Sunday, April 16, 2006

Qué descarado es el Senador George Allen

A few days ago, Brian Patton wrote a post about Sen. George Allen's new alliterative Web banner, "Adelante con Allen."

How very catchy and endearing.

But can't help but note how even more effective the banner would be if it read: ¡Adelante con Allen!

It's a punctuation thing. Lends a little authenticity to the 'mentiroso.'

But you gotta give it to Allen, though; the man has got some steel cajones. Goes on national television week after week, trashes immigrants and then has the balls to ask them to vote for him.

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Senador Allen tiene juevos grandes, pero no tiene nada en su cabeza. El es la definicion de la frase "air head". "Adelante con Allen"? Que arrogante.

There's some Spanish, Senator Allen.

Actions speak louder than words, sir. Remember that the next time you decide to try something like this. We already know you're stupid, no need to make yourself out to be a hypocrite as well.
Oh Danny boy, you had me rolling on the floor.
I love it. Allen thinks he'll get Hispanic votes after the crap he's said? He's got a better shot at getting Alice Marshall's vote.
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