Friday, April 21, 2006

Allen is an Idiot

From Raising Kaine we learn George Allen has hired the most mean-spirited, dispicable vermin from the political arena, save for Karl Rove.

As Lowell explains, this is the guy responsible for those lovely Hitler ads during Kilgore's losing campaign for governor last fall; and the person who created the shameful ad with brown and black hands tallying up their welfare dollars during the 2004 Oklahoma senate race.

Allen's campaign media strategy will be to frame any Democratic opponent with the well-worn, Republican hackneyed meme, 'Liberal, liberal, liberal.'

I mean what else can Allen do?!? He certainly has no record of accomplishment during his six years in the Senate.

And who is the best person who can respond to this attack?!? I'll give you a hint, it ain't Harris Miller.

Only a few days ago, the Arlington Connection reported Allen barely beats Webb in a head-to-head contest, 48.9 percent to 41.72 percent; and the race hasn't even really STARTED!

You know Allen is worried when he goes out and hires top gun Ed Gillespie and now Scott Howell.

Yes, when Allen's lame campaign manager, Richard Wadhams says, "We look forward to a spirited Democratic primary between two self-funding, wealthy liberals," Webb's campaign manager can then immediately respond, "Yes, we too look forward to running against a fake cowboy who has rubber stamped every Bush policy for the last six years without thinking how his votes adversely affected his Virginian constituents."

And for good measure, Webb can also point to Allen and his GOP cronies reckless disregard for the welfare of our soldiers, starting a war of choice without a solid military plan for victory.

Oh, and by the bye, Senador Allen, how many military ribbons do you have?!? What, not even a service medal?!? Why, you're nothing but another Republican chickenhawk.

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