Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bush Text on Cuba

Courtesy of the Associated Press via The Washington Post, here's today's text of Bush's speech on Cuba at the State Department.

For your pleasure, here are a couple of passages:
I...urge our Congress to and solidarity for fundamental change in Cuba by maintaining our embargo on the dictatorship until it changes.

Cuba's regime uses the U.S. embargo as a scapegoat for Cuba's miseries. Yet presidents of both our political parties have long understood that the source of Cuba's suffering is not the embargo, but the communist system.
Well, actually, it's been the long held hunch of HL that secret CIA files and Kennedy's death have more to do with the embargo than Dems and Repugs accord on the subject.

In the speech, Bush talks of a journalist typing articles with ink from shoe polish because the country doesn't have any ink ribbons. And in yet another article about the speech, the WaPost notes how administration plans about Cuba's future no longer hinge on Castro dying soon -- especially since Castro "turned over power to his brother Raul in July 2006."

All in all, it's a sad, sad state of affairs, no doubt about it; and Howling Latina is sure that without the idiotic Cuban embargo, typewriter ribbons would likely find their way into the marketplace.

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