Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cuba Si, Castro No

Slate has an interesting post about Cuba and its history. One riveting commentary is how the United States unwittingly helped Castro cut off the Cuban people from the rest of the world.

Vis-à-Vis the infamous U.S. trade embargo that was supposed to create such a public outcry that citizens would overthrow the tyrant, Cuban citizens instead became more and more isolated as Castro became more and more entrenched in power.

But as HL has previously posted, something smells fishy across the ocean of dogma; a nonsensical tenet that has remained in place for nearly 50 years, whether a Democrat or Republican occupied the White House.

No post by HL garners more clicks, even months after its initial posting that the one about Castro having a little something-something to do with the Kennedy assassination.

Kennedy was gung-ho in trying to bump Castro off. Perhaps Castro figured that he would return the favor; and what was good for the gander was good for
the goose; in this case, Kennedy’s goose.


In a documentary being aired in Germany this week, Wilfried Huismann, a world renowned filmmaker, provides evidence that strongly supports Castro had Kennedy killed in retaliation for the many CIA-driven attempts on his life.

The truly interesting aspect about the post is a comment left by a reader; apparently quite a lot of folks want to find out about Michelle Duclos, a Canadian separatist with leftist ties to Castro.

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