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Never, ever, ever~and that's a very long time!

Never, ever, ever~and that's a very long time!

Have you ever seen a Republican legislator agree with a Democratic legislator, 100 percent of the time…?

Not very often. But it just so happens that for the last 42 years every Republican president and every Democratic president has agreed on one thing: absolutely no diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Today we can forgive the Republic of Vietnam, where over 58,000 American soldiers shed blood and reestablish a relationship.

Russia? Petroiska was once the key word. Now it's engagement.

China? No problem. We can work with them, too.

So please tell me why it is that the United States refuses to ever, ever, ever deal with Premier Fidel Castro…?

Surely it’s not because of lack of human rights in the country. Nope. Remember China has “favored nation” status.

I have long had the sneaky suspicion that just maybe Castro might be a pariah in Washington because of that nasty business of November 22, 1963. Maybe Castro had more than a little something to do with killing Kennedy.

I mean, after all, Kennedy was gung-ho in trying to bump Castro off. Perhaps Castro figured that he would return the favor; and what was good for the gander was good for the goose; in this case, Kennedy’s goose.

The record shows Pres. Lincoln Johnson was very worried about any Cuban connection with Oswald. And perhaps this is the very reason Laurence Keenan, an FBI investigator, was immediately recalled after flying to Mexico City to find out about pictures of Oswald right outside the Cuban embassy.

In a documentary being aired in Germany this week, Wilfried Huismann, a world renowned filmmaker, provides evidence that strongly supports Castro had Kennedy killed in retaliation for the many CIA-driven attempts on his life.

Suffice it to say, General Alexander Haig, former Secretary of State under the Reagan administration and Deputy Secretary of Defense under Robert McNamara in the Johnson administration told Huismann that Johnson, "was convinced Castro killed Kennedy, and he took it to his grave."

Keenan, the FBI agent sent to Mexico City at the behest of J. Edgar Hoover "said he was convinced Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Johnson, blocked further investigation because proof of a Cuban link would put him under irresistible pressure to invade the island, a year after the Cuban missile crisis had brought the United States and Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war,” the film notes as reported by a Reuters byline.

It certainly makes sense. I mean, think about it. No overtures towards the island nation a mere 90 miles south off Key West for over 40 years. It's almost as if the Gulf of Mexico were the impassable abyss between the Garden of Eden and the Lake of Fire.

Every president has steadfastly refused to do any business with Cuba; and this before the Cuban voters in Miami became such a huge political deal.

The scuttlebutt is that if Castro dies, the United States would reassess their policy towards Cuba.

Is Castro the devil incarnate…? Or is there something else going on…?

It could be the Kennedy association, or it could just be that the US refuses to establish relations with a nation led by a man who thawrted numerous attempts to overthrow\kill him. It will be interesting to see what will happen when the world leader most strongly resembling santa in army fatigues finally kicks the bucket.
In March 1965, three black Americans and a young French Canadian from Montreal were arrested for plotting againt the United States. The had planned to blow the Statue of Liberty. the Liberty Bell and the Washington Monument with dynamite. The following story is a translation from French to English. Its shows the links between different international communist terrorist organisation all linked to Castro. It deals with the separation of the province of Quebec from Canada in order to establish a communist country north to the United States of America. It is a bit lengthy, but it tells how communists agents infiltrate western institutions. I apologise for the length. The original was written shortly after the described events in 1965.

Background: RIN stands for Rassemblement pour l’Indépendance Nationale, a separatist movement rooted in communism, just like the present Parti Québécois (at the provincial level) and the Bloc Québécois (at the federal level). Pierre Bourgault was the President of the RIN and a known communist, atheist, homosexual and anticlerical. The RIN became the Parti Québécois and the same players founded the Bloc Québécois. Bourgault died a few years ago and although he never was elected in the Québec Parliament (Assemblée nationale du Québec), he was given a burial of honour by all the politicians across the board. Michelle Duclos served as a representative of the Goverment of Quebec in Algeria. She was appointed by the Parti Québécois that was in power a few years ago. She was dispatched to what are called “les maisons du Québec,” something like embassies. . I do not known what has happen to her since. Michèle Saunier died about 20 years ago. I have shorten the text a little.


In our issue "specimen" we wrote: "It is no longer a secret that the island of Cuba became a revolutionary training centre.” We spoke then about the Marxist (Communist) infiltration in Quebec. Some held us up to ridicule.” We were, in their statements, "witch hunters.” Nevertheless, quite recently, three black Americans and one Quebecker (member of the RIN, and former secretary of Pierre Bourgault) were arrested by the FBI and charged for planning a terrorist attack accused of plotting to blow up the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

The three Blacks were members of the "Black Liberation Front.” Two of three Blacks - all of them former students - were self-declared pro-Castrists: one of them, Robert Collier, had made a trip to Cuba the previous year; his companion, Walter Bowe, was registered on the " Fair Play for Cuba Committee ." Interestingly, this movement possesses a branch in Montreal where a recent meeting was held at the Windsor Hotel. About 200 persons attended this meeting which chaired a well known union activist, Jean Paré, vice-president of the United Workers of Electricity. The president of "Friends of Peoples of the Latin America,” the Dr Adélard Paquin, stated at the meeting:

"We took a stand with the Cuban people, with everything they have undertaken to do."

Well notice word "everything"; the "Friends of Peoples of the Latin America" take a stand with all that Cuba has undertaken to do, is doing and will do! Even the ideological subversion of the other countries?

Anyway, the words of Dr Paquin were very well welcomed because they were pronounced in front of the Cuban Ambassador and Mrs Gonzales, Consul of Cuba in Montreal.

A few days only after this pro-Castro meeting, the students at the University of Montreal invited the Ambassador of Cuba in Canada as a speaker.


The three Blacks who were arrested with the separatist young Quebecker were members of the "Black Liberation Front.” This organization is for the promotion of the communist ideology. Moreover, all around the world, the Marxists exploit divisions, frictions, racial fights or nationalism, to divide countries from within and to bring about revolutions. Just before the attempt of sabotage of the American monuments by Michelle Duclos and the three Blacks, a Baptist minister of Harlem, Rev. O. D. Dempsey, in a sworn statement, on August 7, 1964, (and quoted by the American Senate) declared:

"1 - acts of violence and riots in Harlem for some months were inspired by drug addicts in Castro's pay to whom he (Castro) supplied weapons and ammunitions. (Victor Riesel in Detroit FREE PRESS, January 28, 1965 confirms this piece of news).

2 - Castro's Cuba by the intervention of the underworld and the Mafia distributes narcotics to communist activists of Harlem, these narcotics emanate from communist China (District of Yunnan). The U.N. confirms that the opium (used to make the heroine) is identified, in 90 % of all cases, by laboratory analyses, as coming from the District of Yunnan, on the mainland of China.

What was that young woman doing with this group of pro-Castrists? If Castro supplies weapons to American revolutionaries, why wouldn’t he do the same for the revolutionaries of Quebec? Why did this young Quebecker supply to the American botchers with dynamite?

At first sight everything seems to us stunning and improbable. But let us think a little. During the visit of the Queen in Quebec, an American journalist was there in the middle of the “Quebécois” separatist demonstrators. The name: Marc Schleifer.

Marc Schleifer was an American journalist for the communist magazine "Revolution.” Recently, two American newspapers, the "Herald of Freedom" of New York, and the "Toscin" of Los Angeles, revealed what follows about the famous Marc Schleifer. Marc Schleifer made three journeys in Cuba, and his name is mentioned in the Marchi Report of New York as one of the propagandist of Red China which had inspired riots in the United States in Negros’ sectors of large northern cities. Not bad isn't it? But there is more. The same Marc Schleifer is now working for the newspaper "Québec Libre (Free Quebec).” This newspaper, which claims to be independent from any political party, is however "very dependent" of the international communist politics. And a newspaper (even if it spoke loudly against the Communist Party of Canada) that follows the politics of the international communist ideology is in fact a communist newspaper.

The “Québec Libre (Free Quebec)” last February Editorial is signed by Costisella who is the editor of newspaper which, without asserting itself openly Marxist-Leninist, is not less in fact communist.


Michelle Duclos was, according to Pierre Bourgault's statements, "a devoted and convinced member of the RIN.” The president of the RIN described his former secretary “as being this type of a very convincing woman who is always interested in good causes.” Interesting enough: the young separatist militant woman was during a little while an employee of the Ministry of National Defence in Valcartier, She belonged then in the service of researches for the Canadian Army where she was employed as a copyist.

Michelle Duclos worked also at CFCM-TV in Quebec as a makeup woman, script-assistant and announcer. Then she moved on successively to CKRS and CKRS-TV in JONQUIÈRE, CJMT in CHICOUTIMI, CJRL in Quebec and finally to CFTM-TV in Montreal.

In 1962, she stayed in Europe and in Algeria. Her sister, Danielle, confided to a journalist that "since she returned from Algeria, she was much more decided, more relentless, to push forward her views.” It since she returned from Algeria that she got involved in separatist groups and became a member of the RIN where she worked there as "volunteer" in the secretariat.

When one interrogated Pierre Bourgault, after Michelle Duclos's arrest, he declared that he had not seen her for several months. Nevertheless the young separatist was interested in Mister Bourgault, because when searching Michèle Duclos's apartment the police seized documents relative to the recent provincial tour of the president of the RIN. Michèle Duclos had tried recently to be accredited to the United Nations as a journalist of the newspaper of the RIN, L’Indépendance ( The Independence). The demand was rejected.

The infiltration of the Marxist ideology becomes disturbing in Quebec. Those who sleep do not want to open their eyes. They have eyes and do not see. In the editorial of the “L'ACTION The Action)”, October 28, Mr. Lorenzo Paré wrote:

"The communist Quebecois see independence as only one "preliminary" and a step towards the establishment of the communist dictatorship. In this purpose they use the "middle-class people" who dreams about independence and about separatism so that they contribute in spite of them to the communist victory."

Michèle Saunier, professor at the Jacques-Cartier teachers' training college, is accused of "plot".

Here is what one could read in La Presse, Wednesday, March 3, 1965. page 13:

NEW YORK - A grand American federal jury formally accused yesterday two French Canadians from Montreal and three Blacks of New York for having conspired to illegally transport in secret explosives from Canada to the United States for the purpose of destroying possessions belonging to theo American nation.

The two Quebeckers are Misses Michèle Duclos, of Montreal, and Michèle Saunier, 30, a professor of psychology at “Jacques-Cartier teachers' training college, in Montreal.

They were charged at the same time as Robert Steele Collier, 28, presumed leader of the group, Walter Augustus Bowe, 32, and Khaleel Sultarn Sayyed, 22. The three people are Blacks and lived all in metropolitan New York.

" Agents of connection... "

The appearance of Miss Saunier's name among the accused persons was not without causing a certain surprise. It was the first time, yesterday, that the name was officially connected to the first-rate "plot of monument" which, according to the police, would have had for objective to blow up the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and the Washington Monument in Washington.

Always according to the police, Michèle Saunier would be a member of the RIN - quite as Michèle Duclos - and co-worker in the magazine “Parti Pri.” Last year, in July and August, she would have been part of a group of 84 North American travellers who visited Cuba in spite of the orders of the U.S. Department of State. It is during this journey that she would have met Robert Collier.

Which role she would have played in the plot? Robert M. Morgenthau, the American prosecutor of the South District of New York, summarizes the events:

" Bowe, Necklace and Sayyed met in Necklace’ apartment and contrived the destruction of the aforesaid national monuments. Later, Necklace went to Montreal. He met there Miss Saunier, who introduced him to Miss Duclos. The girls agreed to help him to get explosives.

" Subsequently, on February 15, 1965, Miss Duclos transported to New York, in her car, the promised explosives. It was about 30 sticks of dynamite and about three detonators."

Notice address on this announcement, that of Michèle Saunier, professor at the Jacques-Cartier teachers' training college, is 5566 Decelles, app. 1, Montréal, Québec, Canada.



As for the last years, the Cuban government invites foreign students to visit its country during holidays summer.

You can obtain all the information by writing before November 30 to:

Journey studying in Cuba,
5565, Decelles, app. 7,
Montreal, P.Q.

Or by phoning to the Medical student, (683-7276, loc. 7)
The National Security Archive's Kennedy & Castro: The Secret History page has a list of documents suggesting JFK and Castro were actually secretly working towards better relations between the two countries. (There was also a documentary with the same name broadcast on the Discovery/Time Channel. Kinda ruins Wilfried Huismann and Gus Russo's theory on motive doesn't it?
Also check out Arum's post on
Well, that may well be. But how to explain the Democrats and Republicans agreeing 100 percent on how to handle Castro...?
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I apologize for not thanking you for this most intriguing information.
After reading the distorted blog on the so-called "terrorists", it fraught with propaganda inserts. The men in the case were Nationalists, had there focus on fighting back against the worst racism and apartheid against black americans, viewed Cuba as a historical example of courage, and took a lesson from the founding fathers - to fight for your freedom. Immature racists are sometimes blinded by their own sense of righteousness and feel that no matter how much oppression others may suffer, that the oppressed have no right to defend themselves. Many of these people writing about these historical events have very little real foundation in the study of history so they write from a distorted sense of superiority.
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