Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kicking Mule Ranch - Miller Must Withdraw

Almost a month ago, Howling Latina beseeched Mr. Miller to withdraw from the Senate race "for the good of the party."

Since then we've learned about some political hack Allen hired to shadow Webb's campaign, and have observed conservative bloggers trash Webb for his "Confederate problem" (as if that ever stopped them from supporting bigots).

Prescient or presumptuous?

Larry Sabato is quoted in a Washington Post article via HL saying, "Jim Webb is George Allen's worst nightmare: a war hero and a Reagan appointee who holds moderate positions...Allen tries to project a Reagan aura, but Webb already has it."

And the Virginia blogosphere was abuzz yesterday, with mainstream and state media reporting that more than a few Democratic leaders had publicly announced their support for Webb.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry M. Reid and other top Democrats yesterday announced their support for Senate candidate James Webb, signaling the national party's growing belief that the antiwar crusader and former Navy secretary is the party's best bet against Republican incumbent George Allen in Virginia.

Former Sens. Tom Daschle and Max Cleland, Democratic Whip Richard Durbin (Ill), former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Sen. Christopher Dobbs, Sens. Tim Johnson (S.D.) and Ken Salazar (Colo.) joined the chorus of support. And yes, as HOTLINE ON CALL writes, it would seem a "tacit recognition that nat'l Dems want Webb as their nominee."

But the blockbusting straw that should break the Miller candidacy's back is putting into words what is obvious to any but the most mule-headed Virginia Democratic hack, "National Dems want Miller out of the race, and soon."

And the sooner the better, Harris.

Nothing convinces more than posts like this one that Miller is ahead. Webb wants this nomination? He is going to have to earn it. Honestly, from the voters.
Miller is doing nothing more than aiding Allen.
I am hoping it is a tight and very close primary with loads and loads of press coverage, because then the winner will have a much better chance of crushing Allen in the fall.
Now that I have met Miller I have to say I think a lot of the allegations against him are wrong.

I think both Miller and Webb offer interesting and viable candidacies for U.S. Senate. At the moment I am leaning towards Miller as the best man for the job, but I plan to hear Webb in person on the 22nd, and will certainly give him a fair chance.

I am very positive/optimistic that this year George Allen is running into the same problems that Chuck Robb did in 1994 and 2000. Too bad for poser George that we don't have anyone as offensive as Ollie North to help him get re-elected.

There is pretty reasonable an open conjecture than the proposed constitutional amendment to restrict our civil rights regarding marriage is specifically reqested for by Allen, and timed to help get out the neo-conservative voters so his sagging campaign has a prayer.

I think even Leslie Byrne could win this Fall! So I no longer believe the hype that we need a moderate to stomp Allen, I think we can safely vote for the best choice amongst two excellent choices.
With all due respect to Alice, Huh?

All due respect to Scott,
Go read some of the Miller's pre-candidate Congressional testimony, interviews, records of his political activities and past political donations....Actions speak louder than the last three months of personnal reinvention.
That said I am glad that you are pleased and feel both candidates are good options. I would have to agree except that when I did my research back in January about Miller, I deleted him from my list of good options....even though I hear he is a pleasent and nice guy.
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