Friday, April 14, 2006

Win with Webb - Withdraw Miller

No doubt about it, Webb is the winning candidate.

Folks in Fauquier County are excited about Webb. While they appreciate all of Harris Miller's previous work to advance the Democratic party in Virginia, most people feel that with the political climate being what it is, Webb has the more essential elements to play to Sen. George 'Gomer Pyle's weaknesses, as easy as that sounds with scads of Allen deficiencies from which to run.

Strong on defense? Check
Strong on opposition to Iraq? Check
Strong on service to country and state? Check
Ability to pull Republicans to vote for him? Check
Straight Shooter? Check
No ties to corruption? Check
Indescribable 'something' that makes people want to vote for him? Check

All the polls show Webb matches against Allen better than Miller. The Howling Latina's greatest fear is of some Rovian-Gillespian plot where every loyal Allen supporter goes to the polls in June and votes for Miller.

For the good of his party, Miller should withdraw and endorse Webb.

I agree 100%. Hell, your much nicer than me. I don't even like Harris Miller. I wouldn't vote for him in anything...unless he dropped out of this primary. Then he would prove to me he truly cares about this party and this country. Until then, I'm still convinced that Miller is a delusional who believes it's "his turn." He doesn't sound like a leader, he sounds like a whiner.
Someone needs to offer Harris Miller a job so he can just get out of the way. Great post.
Okay, I just have to say something here. Miller was the chair of the Fairfax Democratic Committee. After 6 years, he left it in a big mess. He did not advance the party. Most people don't know that. Everywhere he goes he creates a mess.
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