Sunday, May 07, 2006

An Embarrassment of Riches for Jim Webb

Thanks to Raising Kaine, a story by Time magazine came across computer screens of Virginia bloggers and Kaine readers.

It looks like the James Webb Express is on a roll with only stop, the Senate wing of the capitol.

Time writes of Democratic Party buzz about Webb's chances to trounce phony cowboy George Allen with his authentic persona in November.

The real Larry Sabato had this to say about a Webb-Allen match:
University of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato says both score about 40% in polls. "Jim Webb is George Allen's worst nightmare: a war hero and a Reagan appointee who holds moderate positions," says Sabato. "Allen tries to project a Reagan aura, but Webb already has it."

As for the Virginia-Pilot Miller puff piece, maybe they're trying to make amends to Republicans for endorsing Kerry in '04.

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