Monday, June 01, 2009

Pro-life Terrorist Opens Fire in Church, Kills Doctor

With his headline and a few words, John Aravosis of Americablog pins the tail on the terrorist.
Thank God that the Obama administration caved last month to religious right and GOP demands that it withdraw a new domestic terrorism report that indicated, among other things, that radicals might use abortion as a justification for committing acts of domestic terrorism. Now a man is dead, and an American church has been shot up during services.
That's right. Earlier this morning, a prominent late-term abortion doctor was shot and killed by some right-to-life terrorist. Let the Washington Post fully explain:

Tiller, 67, had performed abortions since the 1970s and ran the Women's Health Care Services clinic, one of just three in the nation to perform abortions after the point when a fetus is considered able to survive outside the womb.

Of course, fundies will say this was just an aberration -- a few bad apples of the Abu Ghraib type. But...don't you believe it; as usual, they're lying. Huffington Post has all the gory details.

Uh, what evidence do you have that the murderer was a pro-Lifer!
He was an active member of Operation Rescue and a tea bagger to boot. In other words, the killer is a rabid batwing of the dangerous kind. But I'm sure all that ranting and foaming at the mouth 'bout baby killers had absolutely nothin' to do with what set poor Scottie Roeder off.
No, he is not a pro-lifer, he just targeted Tiller because of his looks. /rolls eyes.
What about the murder of Pastor Fred Winters in Illinois earlier this year? I don't see your side condemning this shooting. Simply put, you use this tragedy as a political ploy to demonize a legitimate movement in the United States. Both shootings took place in a church, both victims were people of influence and well educated.
Not even...

Winters was shot by a nutjob who was eaten alive by Lyme disease; and it certainly wasn't political!!

Hell, the Winters killing isn't even on the same plane as that of Tennesee killer, Jim Adkisson, who shot a pastor during worship service because he was a false prophet; that is, taught his flock, gasp, liberal Christian tenets.
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