Saturday, June 20, 2009

Waiting on a Breakthrough...

We are destroying the world as we know it; and betting our very existence on a so-far evasive scientific breakthrough that will change the composition of carbon dioxide to something the planet can handle.

In paraphrasing this afternoon's panel on Gordon Peterson's show from the nation's capital, the seas will rise unless humans can figure out what to do with all the carbon dioxide we're emitting.

In the meantime, governments refuse to reduce carbon emmissions since China has already told them, hey folks, keep China out of your grand plans; we've got two centuries to catch up on.

That's right, boys and girls. China has told the West they have 150 years to come up with a scientific breakthrough before it's irreversible; in the meantime, they're off to the races and will see us in 2200 or before, depending on their luck.

Just curious. Since 95% of the greenhouse effect is from water vapor, and of the remaining 5% only about .28% is man made, is there any chance a reduction in this .28% will make a difference? You can't exclude the 95% causation of the greenhouse effect and develop meaningful statistics with the remainder. CO2 reduction will have no effect except to reduce the green in our bank accounts.
Hey, I'm no scientist. Experts believe that at the current rate of carbon emission, we only have so many years left before the universe starts warming to a point of no return. Just when that date is, who knows?? But that day will arrive; and in the meantime, China is not about to stop their mobilization toward modernity. In other words, the West will have to lead or wait until China catches up; until then, no save the earth party for them.
Global warming is just another excuses for the Statists to try to control our lives, and diminish an American they loathe.
"excuses" = "excuse"
You said "Hey, I'm no scientist."

Well, I am. At least a nuclear engineer. There are no experts on climate change. There are computer models, but the one thing they have in common is ignoring water vapor as a cause of greenhouse effect. They attribute ALL of the "warming" to 5% of the gasses. That way, the .28% CO2 becomes a larger portion of the equation, but only 5.5%. But you CAN'T ignore the water vapor - nor can we stop it.

Man creates a quarter of one percent of the greenhouse gasses. No matter how much you reduce that, it is still insignificant.

Global warming believers also ignore solar cycles. Core samples of ice taken at the poles can determine approximate temperature. Al Gore only looks at a period of time that the temperature was rising. It has a repeated cycle of warming and cooling over tens of thousands of years. The best science I have seen looks at the relationship of solar activity to temperature. The sun is very quiet now, and the temperature on Earth is falling.

I think is is absurd to think that reducing the quarter of a percent of greenhouse gasses we cause will do anything but make Gore richer.

You do realize that the largest man made source of CO2 release into the atmosphere is when you exhale? So, Gore's hot air is really the problem.
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