Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where Are McCain's Tax Return???

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have released their tax records. Only last month, Brian Ross of ABC reported that Hillary was the only presidential candidate holding out.

What makes the media "ignore McCain's finances after obsessing over Dems', as Media Matters observed last month.
Here's Andrea Mitchell: "I mean, where are the tax returns?" And Dan Abrams: "Not releasing tax returns does beg the question, 'Is there something to hide?' " Chris Matthews: "Will you commit ... to release her tax returns before the election in Pennsylvania which is so pivotal for you? ... So we'll get the results before we vote." And Tucker Carlson: "I'm still baffled as to why Senator Clinton hasn't released her tax returns."
Where are your tax records, Sen. John McSame??? And where is the outrage from Cafferty, Chris, Tucker, Andrea, Wolf, Brian, Brit, Pat,???

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