Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brian Ross of ABC News Reports a Lie

What ever happened to fact-checking and telling the unmitigated truth?!?

Once again, mainstream media is making false statements that have been disproved time and again by others. Only this evening, award winning investigative reporter Brian Ross of ABC News breathlessly told his audience a whopper of a tale.

In a special segment about Sen. Hillary Clinton finally releasing over 11,000 pages from her First Lady schedule, Ross darkly noted that even though the much hyped schedule was finally released, no doubt about it, Hillary was still hiding SOMETHING.

You see, to date, unlike Saint John McSame, Hillary is refusing to release her tax records.

Oh really?!? Well, not so least not according to this and this and this and this.

Perhaps ABC News needs to do a little more research before going on the air and telling millions of viewers a gold-plated lie. Either that, or give back its Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Political Journalism they received last year.

Finally, now that Hillary has made her schedule public, you gotta love the headline, "Clinton to Obama: I Showed You My Records, Now Show Me Yours.

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