Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Senate Finance Committee to Investigate Televangelists

¡Hay Dios Mio. what's the world coming to...!!!

The Senate Finance Committee is set to investigate the lavish lifestyle of five mega televangelists to see if they've been ripping off followers as well as Uncle Sam.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Joyce Meyer Ministries as well as Creflo Dollar (great name, si?) and his wife, snake oil salesman Benny Hinn of Texas, Eddie Long of Georgia, Ken and Gloria Copeland of Texas, and Randy and Paula White of Florida are all under investigation.

The probe was launched by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa who is quoted by Radio Iowa "[s]aying he's responding to complaints and news coverage about lavish lifestyles" and the investigation " has nothing to do (with) church doctrine [and] everything to do with the tax-exemption of an organization."
Is that tax exemption being used according to law, and is the money that's donated under the tax exemption being used for legitimate, non-profit purposes?
A few years ago, Carolyn Tuff of The Dispatch wrote a series of scathing articles about Joyce Meyer but after severe pressure from JMM, Tuff was suspended -- only to be reinstated with back pay after she took the matter to labor arbitration.

Here's The Dispatch's take on the subject:
Meyer, one of America's wealthiest and most powerful TV peachers, was the focus of a 2003 Post-Dispatch series that detailed her lavish lifestyle and blunt fundraising pitches. The stories outlined Meyer's transformation from an abused child to a one-time bookkeeper trapped in a failed marriage and then on to a religious powerhouse whose folksy preachings have worldwide reach.
Truth be told, Howling Latina has very mixed feelings about Joyce Meyer -- to the extent she dedicated one of her graduate nonfiction papers on her ministry. You see, when the howler was married to her alcoholic hubby, she came across Meyer's "Life in the Word" (as her show was called back then) by sheer accident and Meyer had spoken directly to the camera as if talking straight to her with that uncanny ability she has to know what the audience is going through since forever.

Both Meyer and Dollar preach the gospel of prosperity -- heaven on earth for those who are faithful. And when Tuff asked Meyer about her expansive home, private jet, fancy jewelry and so on, Meyer responded that yes, God had made her rich in Christ. Or as The Washington Post writes, "[H[er accouterments, including multimillion-dollar homes and luxury cars, [were] blessings from God."

Now you may call HL a dupe, but she can see how that might happen; in fact, she's testing Meyer's premise with her life right now. In the meantime, there is comfort to be found in the gospel and a personal relationship with God, no matter what.

As to phony faith healer Bennie Hinn who promotes his healing power on cable television, any scrutiny he gets is well-deserved and then some. Also, you may recall from an earlier HL post, Rev/Bishop/Charlatan Randy and his little missus are in Splitsville.

Why is when a movie star makes tons of money it's ok but if a preacher makes tons of money it's wrong ?

Do you think preachers should be poor ?

Preachers are doing the best job in the world and yet they are looked down if they have a nice house , cars , and so on .

Why is that ?

I trust that Joyce Meyer is using her money to help people and you know what it's between God and her if she is mis using it .

People like you put fear in others who want to give but are scared because of your words .

I wonder if God will ask you on judegement day , why did you stop people from sending money to help my people who needed help . But you changed there caring heart to hard hearts with fear and lies .
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