Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sorrow - Sin - and Immigration

Megachurch co-pastors are getting a divorce.

Channel surfing, Howling Latina often came across Rev. Paula White, the attractive blonde with a bold voice for cash and God, but rarely listened more than a minute or two, preferring the more down-to-earth Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries for her morning Holy Ghost pep rally.

Well, it seems the financial strains and bad publicity about their ministry of "more manipulation than inspiration" were too much. Paula and her husband, Rev/Bishop/ Randy White, are getting a divorce.

The Tampa Tribune reported several problems back in May:

Some businesspeople complai[n] the Whites reneged on deals and didn't pay their bills. In the past seven years, five lawsuits or claims of lien filed against the couple or the church were settled or resolved in court in the plaintiffs' favor.One, an interior designer, said Paula, 41, used the church's tax-free status to buy furnishings for her personal use.

Randy, 49, who uses the titles "doctor" and "bishop," does not have the degrees - earned and honorary - from the schools cited in his autobiography and on a former church Web site.

Oh dear; and now it's come to a divorce. CR Daily offers some insight with quotes:

"It is the most difficult decision that I have had to make in my entire life," said the Rev. Randy White, 49. "I take full responsibility for a failed marriage - 100 percent. I don't blame Paula, and I don't blame other parties. But as the man of the house, I take full responsibility for that."


Standing by his side and appearing to fight back tears, the Rev. Paula White called the decision to divorce "one of the most painful of our lives." "But God always comes to you in the dark places of life," White said, standing beside her husband in the pulpit.

For their followers, the news must be shocking, equal to Joyce Meyer fans tuning in to listen and learning that she and Dave were calling it quits. Unthinkable!

After the recent news about Mother Theresa's struggle with faith, it only goes to show that we're all human filled with faults, even charlattans and holy four-flushers.

Best to be humble and not boast about our superior moral fibre; and yes, that especially goes out to political party hacks who want to tar and feather illegal immigrants for simply wanting a better life for their families as they bitch and moan about abusive driver fees in Virginia for folks recklessly speeding and breaking the law.

In the words of Paul to Romans in the Holy Book, "There is no one righteous, not even one." Roman 3:10 (NIV)

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