Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hasta La Vista Anal Retentive Types

Howling Latina has noted before that she is not infallible; and gasp, yes, sometimes she might misspell a word or two. Hopefully, she'll eventually find the error and correct it.

In like manner, when she finds an honest mistake by one of her friends on the either side of the political spectrum, no biggie, as she's earlier written. She doesn't gloat or insult; and no public lashing, either.

But some anal retentive types, like James Young of Skeptical Observer will relentlessly harp on and on about a misspelled word as if 3000 soldiers had died as a result.

Well, HL hopes people read her posts because they find them informative, humorous, irreverant, whatever! But please, if you're going to hold HL accountable for some idiotic misspelled word, share your hypercritical comments only with someone worthy of your towering intellect.

After all, why waste your talents reading garbage? HL is way too ignorant to make a logical argument.

Howling Latina, don't pay so much attention to Mr Young.

The meaning of your posts was clear and the rest of us understood it quite well.
You logic makes sense, unlike Mr. Young; who I've learned to ignore.
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