Saturday, September 16, 2006

50th District - Correction to Error by Blogger

Howling Latina would the last person on earth to slam somebody for making an honest factual error; and this includes misspelled names and the like.

Moreover, she is grateful to Black Velvet Bruce Lee for linking the latest financial disclosure pages for both candidates in the 50th district House race to replace Harry J. Parrish who died earlier this year.

Having said that, HL would now like to set the record straight regarding funds raised from July 1 to August 31.

According to Line 17 on Jeanette Rishell's disclosure report (Schedule H), she received $28485.32 in contributions. During the same reporting period, Jackson Hunter Miller's Schedule H shows he received $24831.69. Rishell raised more $$$ than Miller -- however minor.

Jackson spent $21068.09 to Rishell's $25461.44 -- not a whole lot of differences. The key seems to be cash on hand from the prior reporting period -- twice as much for Miller than Rishell.

Craig's Musing has an excellent post with Rishell live blogging. It's must read for any person interested in the race that wants to learn about Rishell's thought processes and political bent.

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