Tuesday, September 19, 2006

KO by Jim Webb

Jim Webb won the second debate.

Jim Webb won yesterday's debate.

Jim Webb is going to win the third and final debate.

Jim Webb is going to win in November.

Let's face it, Jim Webb is a winner.

By the bye, for those who didn't hear about the brouhaha during yesterday's debate, Sen. George Allen went ballistic when Peggy Fox of WUSA-Channel 9 asked Allen about his grandfather's Jewish heritage.

Like TeacherKen of Raising Kaine reasonably inquires, "Please, someone tell me [how] asking when...[your] forebears decided to cease being Jewish is 'making aspersions because of their religious beliefs'"?

Yep, Howling Latina would sure like to know the answer to that one! Maybe another intrepid reporter can ask again in the context of Allen's disproportionate and inappropriate response during the next debate.

Vous voir plus tard, le Sénateur.

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